I Went Through The Same
Thing Too..

By Frederick Onyeali


Few years ago the fibble minded Biafrans and some enemies of Biafra used to ask us, does American government know about your struggles for Biafra? Does Israel, Russia and other World powers know what you are doing? These are people who think that when International Communities know they will jump in immediately and say ngwa Biafrans go on we are following you. Our answers used to be "don't worry when the time comes you will know that they know about what we are doing"

They laughed at us as if we are fools, anywhere I go many who suppose to join the fight with me were dodging me, "if this guy come here now no one will hear something, he will be talking only about Biafra" they will run Away.

How can you be talking about BIAFRA now, will Hausa and Yoruba agree? This is one of the questions I consider stupid and anyone asking me this question I look at him as demented and foolish, were they your creator?

Today the question is if Israel and other World powers knew about the struggle even from the first day it started has answered itself and anyone that is still in doubt of the coming of Biafra must be very Sick not only Sick but the Brain is not working.





I Went Through The Same Thing Too...

We believed the Gospel when there was yet no reason to believe and we fought in many ways to defend what we believe in, first against our fellow Biafrans who were laughing at us and seeing what we were doing as a waste of time. Second against our enemies Hausa and Yoruba who were battling to stop us to stop us with their whole strength but we refused to be stopped.

I hope nobody is asking any IPOB member now if International Communities and World powers are aware of the IPOB and the struggle to restore Biafra.

It started like a joke, some people saw it as a mission impossible, they called us miscreants and jobless idiots but today the music is changing and we are seeing it, we are still on the way we never reach, we must continue fighting until we get to our destination which is Biafra, then we shall be proud that we have fought gallantly and won.


Fred Onyeali
Elder Statesman IPOB

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