IPOB: Biafrans Must Be Wary Of Yemi Osinbajo And His Deceitful Moves

By Kalu Nwokoro
For Family Writers

The social media was in torrential agog when the news of the deceitful and kangaroo order was expressly issued to all the oil servicing companies to relocate their headquarters back to the concocted south-south, Biafra land. Some might see it as a welcome development based on the fact that it is the ideal thing to do but on the other hand, individuals with active top process coupled with strong spiritual eyes can clearly decipher that this move is simply geared to deceive and water down the scary tempo of Biafra agitation and if possible obliterate it completely.

Indeed, this is what I call medicine after death!! Nigerian government in their usual manner has miscalculated again. I have a question to ask this insincere and irresponsible government of Nigeria. This sudden change of attitude ,why haven't they replicated it long after 47 years of bloody civil war? I am still wondering and weighing what actually inspired such an unsolicited and busy body move. For 47 years, Biafrans have been muzzled down and suffocated economically and politically without any moral justification. There is no airport, seaport, no good roads and even peanuts is annually allocated for capital projects in Biafra land from the national budget.


Biafrans have been merely surviving based on sheer hard work and dedication. Lagos and Abuja have collected trillions of U.S dollars as tax for 47 years from all the oil servicing companies that are operating in Biafra land while the hen that lays the golden egg is left to languish in perpetual penury. This is the highest level of hypocrisy. The person that instigated this move that has warranted this cat and dog race in the presidency is nothing but a merchant of death. The end product of this instigation is to further entrench their divide and rule tactics but I want to state it categorically to Yemi Osinbajo and his co travellers that we Biafrans are strongly immune to such cheap move.

I want to appeal to the conscience of all Biafrans both those in Biafra bight and hinterland to be consciously wary of every evil move made by this deceitful government. Nothing meaningful can come out of these merchants of death and workers of darkness. The express order that is been issued to all the oil servicing companies to relocate their headquarters back to Biafra land is to arrest and chain our freedom that is glaringly imminent and therefore we must resist them with every possible arsenal within our disposal. Freedom is the greatest gift that any living being can have. We should not allow ourselves to be wooed and also divided by these slave masters and their hypocritical antics.

We should not lose sight of the fact that millions of our people were killed because of this blood oil (crude oil) and this butchering has persisted till date. Nobody should rejoice over this dangerous move of Nigeria government rather we should see it as further encroachment of the slave masters to strongly entrench and consolidate their hegemony. Yes!! Biafrans must be aware that the reason why all this cat and dog race is ongoing in the presidency is as a result of the heavy pressure on the Nigeria government to let Biafra have their freedom. Biafrans!!!! Lovers of freedom and the salt of the earth, this is the time we must collectively resist and extinguish every move made by these savages. We must say no to "one Nigeria", we must say no to "divide and rule" tactics. One Nigeria represents death, pains, sorrow and servitude. Biafra restoration is 99% imminent and therefore, we must be strong and resolute. Biafra must be restored and the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must be freed.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers

The Biafra Herald


IPOB: Biafrans Are Wiser Now, Its Too Late For Osinbajo And His Divide And Rule Tactics

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