If South East Govs Were Like Me Biafrans Will Go – Gov Ayo Fayose

If South East Govs Were Like Me Biafrans Will Go – Gov Ayo Fayose

Published by James Alo
6th April 2018

What i mean If South East Govs were like me Biafrans will go – Gov Ayo Fayose.The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose name his son Chukwu Emeka when he has not become a governor. Not knowing that he is going fall in love with Igbos, he said that he love Igbos because they are courageous people, hardworking and business visionaries. Be an Yoruba man, he loves Igbo dressing and he always dress like Igbo man. He stood for Nnamdi Kanu in court, he attended Biafra meeting once in Lagos.

He called South east Governors cowards, because they are afraid to support Biafra movement. They afraid of president Buhari, afraid of impeachment, afraid of their lives, there are not ashame. The small boy Nnamdi Kanu stood up and shake entire nation,without looking anybody face.

Iam not bloody care about what anybody can do, be president or whoever, i support Biafra movement anywhere, anytime. Iwill go with Biafrans when time comes, Biafra is Igbos birthright, they deserve to have their own country, but their governors are cowards. If they were like me, Biafrans would have gone since last year.


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