Igbo Biafrans Love Themselves

Igbo Biafrans Love Themselves

Written by Christopher Otu Ezeali
For Family Writers Press

Following series of my intense studies to really ascertain the cause(s) of the prevalent disunity and disagreement amongst Easterners in this British contrapted Nigeria, I have conclusively discovered that an institutionalized fraudulent/corrupt foundation as structured by Feedback Lugard and Flora Shaw who subsequently became his wife, is the principal cause of the existing dichotomy and distrust in the region. This seemingly endemic confusion implanted into the psyche of our people was a major  strategic tool in the hands of the colonialists to rub the people of their core values and lumping them together under a delusional entity as a country. This bizarre arrangement later resulted in an avoidable gruesome war which had devastating effects mostly on the Eastern part with virtually nothing to the people to survive on. This invariably created a morbid mental drive in our people, to make wealth even through unhealthy means.

The British government realized after the war, that given the dexterity of Biafrans and if allowed to employ their God-given potentials to fully explore available resources, will lead to minimal or absolute eradication of corrupt enrichments from especially, oil related deposits. This is a major factor the British colonialists effectively utilized the poorly endeared illiterates of the Northern region as their willing stooges to ostensibly extend their grip on the country's leadership structure. This wicked arrangement gave impetus to the adoption of hunger,  denials and oppression as a veritable weapons to bring the Biafran people into submission. They reasoned that with these options clinically adopted, the people would definitely loose interest in seeking apex leadership positions but would rather lend credible support to whosoever could be appointed from the British collaborative Northern region. Our people can only be appointed not according to the will of their people but according to the norms and dictates of their slavemasters. These offices they will slavishly and blindly accept, with British cum Hausa-Fulani tailored scripts in their kitty on the modules of administration. This has over the years, enslaved Biafrans in this evil enclave called Nigeria. The Biafrans so appointed into positions of leadership, are faced with life threatening conditions, should they fail to deliver according to the terms specified. All these coupled with some attached sinister Islamic religious strings, our people therefore, are  being caged and incapacitated in duly getting the desired benefits of governance. Instead the Northerners are variously given the opportunity to access even the dividends of our God-given natural resources in our backyards under the guise of federalist ideology.


This principally emanates from lack of self recognition and self worth. Our people seemingly get contented playing the second fiddle to the Hausa-Fulanis. They become ready tools in the hands of their enemies against their own people in virtually all shades of life. In the entire Eastern region, there exists clear cases of inequality, victimization and injustice. Biafran graduates even with excellent grades are denied employable opportunities and appointments. Our brethren are consistently being subjected to the pangs of joblessness. The less educated Northerners get readily and easily engaged in offices and into positions they know nothing about just because of the institutionalized system of godfatherism, exploitation and oppression. This is being done even in the political domain to perpetuate their rulership over and above those with exceptional acumen. Our political representatives being scared of their slavemasters who facilitated their ascension to power, equally mortgage the future of their people in the bid to satisfy the cravings of their employers. In a decent political environment where politicians are expected to account to the people, what stops our elected representatives from duly and judiciously delivering contracted projects without compromises or corruption, orchestrated by the  laid down structures of the evil contraption?

It is based on this outlined anomaly and fear to loose out from the "blessing" of their political demigods, that Biafrans are ordered under duress, to sabotage, enslave and kill their own without recourse. These are foolishly being carried out to please their Hausa-Fulani employers. These acts engender hatred and schism amongst brethren.

The education environment is not spared from this malady.  Appointments of Vice Chancellors of Universities even in Biafraland, are most often determined from Abuja and if one is not in their "good books", then strife and flow of bad blood amongst brethren will ensue. Securing admissions into institutions of higher learning is placed on the platter of the highest bidder monetarily and ethnically, as Biafrans with even the above required cut off marks are denied while the Hausa-Fulanis with low marks are considered. These people are steadily and surreptitiously using the instrumentality of available factors that will generate confusion, hatred and disunity amongst us to unsettle, blind and hypnotise us. But thank God for the arrival on the scene, of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has resiliently and systematically, opened the eyes of Biafrans to the realities of our existence and the indispensable need to have the sovereignty of Biafra, fully and totally restored. This has really elucidated peace, unity, courage and love amongst brethren, preparatory to a far better nation of our own where justice, equality, love, unity, peace and progress will brazenly find resident. It will be a nation where social, political, economic, religious and educational ideologies will be comprehensively articulated for the betterment of all.

Biafrans in general and Igbos in particular, love themselves if not the employed antics of our enemies over the years to subjugate and cheat us out of our blessings and destiny as a people.

BIAFRA is all we need and no mortal can deny us that!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press


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