Oformata The Agent of the Gods
An adventure / Historical Novel (Set in Africa)


This novel reveals a wealth of previously undocumented mythology of an African animal child and agent of divine retribution. The novel is an educational faction describing the mythologies of West Africa; it’s heroic figures and legends surrounding them. It is equally a fiction that should entice the imagination of the reader encouraging him to indulge into the mysterious and fantasy aspect of the story. In the novel, Nigerian folklores are brought to life and we are able to follow these great warriors on their adventures in search of new empires and conquests.

The protagonist – Igwe Oformata is the great leader with supernatural or superhuman strengths and abilities. It is through him that we discover more of the forgotten Nigerian customs, cultures and traditions.

A novel by Justus Emman
A Story of African Mythology,
Warriors, and their Legends.
Price: £9.99






Igbo Focus