When Your Angel Arrive

When Your Angel Arrives 1

When Your Angel Arrives is a play about the immigrant experience particularly in the Western world. Plotted around a black African immigrant who is under pressure from his visiting mother to cast off his Caucasian wife, the play deals with the challenges faced by immigrants and equally touches on cross-cultural marriage and black on black betrayal.

This is the most current published book, highly educative, informative, and is recommended to all African immigrants/citizens all over the world, Africans intending to immigrate, and those on the way to immigrate. Get it for your brothers/sisters, mama/papa, uncle/aunt, niece/nephew, grandma/pa, friends as a gift, and so on. The price is affordable and the value is priceless. Give it a shot! Information is power! Please, do not miss out!
ISBN: 9781462028368




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