Ona Delicacy


In Ogoni language, this is called “Tuu” and in Igbo speaking Biafran, they call it “Ona”.

Tuu or Ona is similar to Yam although yellowish and much softer than yam when cooked. It is eaten the same way as yam with sauce normally hot or chili sauce that may require drinking plenty water or wine.

Being special, tuu or ona cannot be seen at  a restaurant or snack bar to buy however served by old ladies or grandmothers to their children or grandchildren they haven’t seen for a long time. One many reasons of visiting grandmothers.

Travel round Biafra regions they cultivate and eat this delicacy.

Now can any Fulani Man tell us, if this delicacy is part of their traditional Meal? 

We can't run away from the True Identity because, Nature has exposed it through our Value system. I hail from a place they tag Niger Delta because, Crude Oil was found in my State. Surprise.. Surprise.. There is no trace of Industry or an International Airport in any Old Eastern region.

What we see are glorified Motor Parks that we call Airports. This economic strangulating preposterous plan, was orchestrated by the Hausa/Fulani Power mongers, so to limit progress and International inspired development.

The Headquarters of most Oil Companies in the today's NigerDelta region is situated in Lagos and Abuja, whilst the regions that serves as Treasure Base Of Nigeria are left with Uncleaned Oil Spills.

Atlantic Ocean cuts through leaving us with Depthy Seas and Rivers, yet there is no functional Sea Port in the today's Niger Delta region.

The Divide And Rule tactics has been implanted to destroy the Old Eastern region, yet our Value system remains the same. 

We ain't pleading everyone should join the Boat to Biafra restoration because, our common enemies are not ready to stop destroying our lives and properties.  I am saying today that, no mortal can stop the restoration of Biafra which is spiritually anchored, hence the earlier you rise up to take this generational assignment for freedom, the better for you.

Ibeh Gift Amarachi


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