Ikpeazu Gave The Order For Us to Shoot At Anything That Moves At Nnamdi Kanu’s Home – A Solider Revealed

Ikpeazu Gave The Order For Us to Shoot At Anything That Moves At Nnamdi Kanu’s Home – A Solider Revealed

We Killed About 1,500 IPOB Members, Not 28. Many are Inside The Bush And We Carried Some Of Them. Nigerian Soldier Revealed!

I must say they truth, because more is coming, and Igbo have to be at alert, your governors are not sincere people, they are [complicit] in the killing of their own people, they can go to any far [length] to maintain their position and [as] governor.

I was one of the soldiers that was sent to Abia for operation python Dance two, the dance was to dance off the life of Biafrans and to reduce their population, yes I mean any atom of what am saying now, you only counted those that you saw, what of those that were killed in secret, what of those that you don’t know, they number of those that died in Abia State is up to one thousand five hundred (1,500) and counting. If you can go different parts of [the] bush around Aba express highway, you will see dead bodys, you saw just what they show you, or allowed you to capture with your cameras, do you know that five buses was diverted to an unknown location, the buses both those in them were set on fire inside an isolated bush.

Am one of the soldiers that video the scene at Umuahia road, without that video, there will have not been prove for you to justify the killing, but mind you! That is just a token of what was done.

The governor of Abia was the one that order the invasion of Kanu’s home, while governor Willi of Anambra State was the one the came up with the plan, “Python Dance 2”

This two governors gave the order for us to shoot at anything that moves once we get to Kanu’s home, Ikpeazu gave us small camp near Ojukwu bunker’s yard, we came into Abia State to kill and destroy lives of Igbos both those who are IPOB or not.


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