In Biafra We Stand!

In Biafra We Stand!

I have taken my time to study what is going on in our midst. I noticed that the enemies are fighting tooth and nail to see the fall of Biafra restoration, but I have this to say to whoever that is involved, the judgement day is fast approaching.

It does not matter how many radio biafra is opened and will be opened in the future. It does not really matter who is telling the best truth and worst lies, it does not matter who is working harder than the other, what matters is that Biafra will be restored, come rain, coma shine.

Another thing people should know is that, facebook can block Biafrans as much as they want, Biafra was there before facebook came and Biafra will remain while facebook will fizzle away like MySpace and others. The minds of Biafrans are made up and not even CNN, BBC, Aljazeera or BMC have what it takes to change the minds of over 60 million Biafrans Nnamdi Kanu delivered from the Bondage called Nigeria.

I said these because, the enemies within are trying so had to sway some people mind away from the real issue. These are individuals that were never in this struggle for restoration of Biafra, rather, they came for fame, money and different reasons best known to them. It has always been difficult for an enemy to kill someone without using someone close to that person.

I maintained that no man is perfect, I am not, you are not, Nnamdi kanu never said he was perfect. Jesus once got angry when he noticed people were trading in his fathers house so who is man that cannot make mistakes. The problem is when you make that mistake and stick with it, it then becomes intentional.

No one can change my perceptions about Nnamdi kanu. No one can change the minds of those millions that left everything they were doing to come out on the rain to guide the man that left his comfort home for Kuje prison. I/we love him dearly because he sacrificed everything just for you and me to be free from this bondage called British/ Nigeria.

So, you can jam and nu-jam radios, you can open whatever you want and reach to the surface of Biafraland, one thing remain unchanged, Nnamdi Kanu was the one that took the bull called Nigeria by the horn. Until you supersede his achievements, you are just creating problems that you will find very hard to get away from when the time comes.

I mean every single word I've just said here. This man called Mazi Onyendu Nnamdi kanu deserve your respect.


In Biafra we stand
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