It Is Time To OPEN Some SECRET RECORDS on the Role of BRITAIN to Hold Us (BIAFRANS) Down

Unnamed Biafran Wrote:

  1. The 1st, We started by organising some international protest before coming down here locally. British govt. knows about it but she thinks that we ain't serious about it.
  2. The 2nd, When our Leader was detained in the Nigeria prison, although many will doubt that British had a hand in it. Our Leader said and i quote." They offered me to go with only five Eastern States but i refused because we can't leave behind us our sister region, those in the Riverline areas". Have you ask yourself "WHO ARE THEY?". He is referring to the British govt who are so eager to protect their Oil Wells but many of us thinks that he is talking about the Nigeria govt.
  3. The 3rd, The Niger Delta Avengers continue with their vandalization of Oil pipe line until their demand were met. And one of their demand is "for Nnamdi Kanu to be released from prison". British can not handle it anymore, so they decided to release the man, thinking that the Tension will die down. That's the reason for that bail conditions.
  4. The 4th, Morestill, as a vibrant Leader he never relent. So he continued with his activities.On seeing what is happening after the SIT-AT-HOME order last year.The British Govt. became restless, that's the reason why they met with Yemi Osibanjo(PV).Who later also met with Stake Holders in Nigeria and Foreign too to discuss some certain things.





  1. The 5th, They come up with the idea of killing him (Nnamdi Kanu)no matter what it will cost them. They first and issue letters to the SE Governors and the Ohanaeze who might oppose them, that's the reason why they all kept mute even up till now.
  2. The 6th, The British wanted to play safe,that's the reason why they are the first people to ask the whereabout of Nnamdi Kanu. After that, what did they do next? They went and celebrate thinking that they have defeated us. But they forgot "FROM THE ASHES WILL SHALL RISE"
  3. The 7th, They used us to play their dirty politics last year. This year we have once again shown them that we are resolute and determine to restore Biafra through our SIT-AT-HOME order which recorded over 97 percent compliance. They are still panicking because they don't know our next move but we must take them by surprise.
  4. The 8th, Britain can never support  #BIAFRAREFERENDUM,i bet you on that. But we must Take our freedom and not beg for it.
  5. The 9th, We are IPOB and the world have come to know and understand that..... Please always pray for the safety of Mazi Uche Mefor and wherever you see this man (picture below) tell him that I LOVE HIM PASS MY FIANCE. — with Obiora Anaka and 9 others.




It Is Time to OPEN Some SECRET RECORDS on the Role of BRITAIN to Hold us (BIAFRANS) Down

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