Jubril The Buhari Impostor Never Appeared In The Ongoing TICAD7 In Japan ~ Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of IPOB worldwide Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his global broadcast on Wednesday August 28, 2019 on the state of things as it is in Japan stated categorically that Jubril the Buhari impostor parading as the dead Muhammadu Buhari have not shown his face in the public in Yokohama Tokyo Japan after being smuggled in through an unknown airport from Oman.

Fake Buhari at Conferece

Nnamdi Kanu stated that all the pictures and videos that Femi Adesina the Special Assistant to Jubril-Buhari on media and publicity has been filing in which are widely flooded by the mainstream media in Nigeria including BBC Igbo are all photoshopped pictures and videos done by the hired Chinese experts.

He affirmed that IPOB family members in Japan are still searching for Jubril and they will arrest and hand him over to the Japanese police for DNA test if sighted in the public to prove how right IPOB is in their assertion that Buhari died in January 2017 and was buried in Saudi Arabia secretly. He maintained that IPOB is not looking for the dead Buhari but his impostor Jubril Al-Sudani and conduct a DNA test on him.

He also revealed the names of those who were in the forefront to hire and bring in Jubril from Sudan, he said that Mr Hassan from Daura, Mr Benjamin Ethnana from Sudan and Mr Aminu were the three main persons that contacted Jubril for the contract of Buhari impostor.  He revealed that the death of Mr Hassan and Mr Benjamin Ethnana were masterminded by the Fulani cabals in Aso-Rock headed by Abba Kyari to cover their secrets about Jubril and keep deceiving the gullible Nigerians.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu also challenged the NTA, Channel television and respective media helping the Nigeria Federal government to propagate the cheap lies peddled against the entire country to stream live where Jubril-Buhari is in the ongoing TICAD7 just as other countries are doing.

He urged members of IPOB to distant themselves from BBC Igbo, because they've joined the league of the brown envelope media used by the evil Nigeria politicians to cover up lies, he also assured the public that soon he'll return to Biafra land, He equally emphasized that Nigeria destruction is inevitable noting that they have killed many Biafrans and must pay for it.

Written by Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

Published by Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Ebonyi State Media




Fake Buhari at World Bank UNDP

Jubril The Buhari Impostor Never Appeared In The Ongoing TICAD7 In Japan ~ Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

The Election of Muhammadu Buhari Has Been a Big Mistake

Lifeless Buhari

The 2015 election of Muhammadu Buhari is one mistake Nigeria and Nigerians will most likely not recover from even after the exit of the daura born ex-Soldier. That election destroyed every single hope Nigeria had for redemption.

Today, Kidnapping-For-Ransom has become a huge industry on its own. The biggest and most criminally lucrative, actually, with our own security agencies as one of the biggest players, enablers and facilitators. While soldiers were killing policemen to protect a suspected kidnap kingpin, the police were busy paying millions in ransom to secure the release of their DPO and other kidnap victims. Most of the reported cases of police rescuing kidnap victims were actually lies. They (the police) pay millions in ransom.  

Now come to think of it: we were told that the Taraba kidnap suspect, "honorable" Wadume collects as high as 100million per 'trip' (that is for each high profile person he takes). Sometimes, we hear of 10-20million naira ransom depending on the social status of the victim. Imagine the number of Nigerians being kidnapped daily, some of whom their families simply and quietly pay ransom without even involving the police or the media.

We are looking at a multi-Billion naira crime industry here. 

Problem is, we are looking at the govt for solution to a problem that clearly has their signature written all over it.

Some people IN GOVT holding very high offices both in the political field and the security agencies, are key players in the Kidnapping-For-Ransom industry. The same way they have since turned Boko haram into a franchise.

Tragedy is, the security Chiefs will not be replaced. 

Because......No one is in charge of the country in the real sense of the word. Everything boils down to leadership which we currently don't have because we have Buhari as President.

Charles Ogbu


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