Killing Igbo Businesses With Federal Might

Killing Igbo Businesses With Federal Might

Dangote opens PEUGEOT Assembly plant as Government works hard to close INNOSON VEHICLE MANUFACTURING

Dangote PEUGEOT Assembly

By Mazi Odera POg
25th May 2018

This kind of hot and intense hatred to NDIGBO was last read on book of the Shroud in 16 Centuries, but what makes me real red on my black face is that despite the glaring unclothed hatred for NDIGBO, some of our people still have believe that a Redeemer will come from the North.

I know it very well that no matter how romantic a Scorpion may appear, the Sting will always be lethal, and ife osokwolu gi melu NWA enyigi NWANYI, He can't call you Dad.

Whenever I read an IGBO propagating that a Northerner is the answer, I always ask myself, what do they think is the question ?

None of the so called Northern answer has ever invested or confided in an IGBO person, sorry, I forgot that some took our women as Spoil of War without any traditional rites performed, then they retained the distance disgraceful services of IGBO people with the accurate note that "if Devil dangle Money before the eyes of an IGBO person, the person will lay allegiance on his feet " .

So banking on that , the Northern caliphates who are aspiring to change the Defective change with another ineffective Change, the only difference is that one doesn't laugh but another smile with the eyes only ,others hates with the heart but buried it with perfect timing, but the end result is that certain Agenda that will subject is to lethal cruelty must be executed to the letter Z.

Nke na agbam ghari bu that our South East Governors are deafenly silent on the gross emasculation of any body that comes out of IGBOLAND with Progressive agenda,.

First when IBETO an Nnewi born Industrialist came up to better the life of Nigerian by making Cement to cost half of what Dangote tagged it, he delivered a great quality at lower price and since it was against the Northern program which moves that every moving businesses in Nigeria must be ceeded to Dangote or they ruin your business.

So the Government faced IBETO and ran him aground like where DANGOTE TRAILER JAM KEKE MARWA.

He left Cement and borrowed money and went into Rice Business to make food available to every mouth, the same fate came visiting him again.

It pains me with hard feelings that our own Mega Rich did not see it fit to move into COW RANCH ,make Herding innovative, Ideal, lucrative and make the business balanced and remove monopoly from It ,but moving on..

When EFCC raided the house of the only Car Manufacturer, I mean CAR, BUS, BUSES, TRACTOR, MOTORCYCLE, KEKE, AMBULANCES ,SUV manufacturer in the entire Nation who happens to be an IGBO son, when EFCC raided his house at midnight and have the disrespect of Pummeling the wife just because she is an IGBO woman who demands to know why they are taking the Husband like a common criminal.

When it was day they confessed that GTB BANK that is owing INNOSON over 6Billion Naira both in interest and actual,  is not related to Igbo and shouldn't be asked to pay back the debt which was decided by court of competent jurisdiction, so the best bet is to humiliate that INYAMIRI BORN BILLIONAIRE.

All this while, I thought that it was just EFCC moonlighting for GTB, I was angry that GTB has done evil using incompetent organisation, but little did I refuse to see that, it was same DANGOTE whose main reason of controlling the resources of Former Generals, same Generals who conspired during the Genocide of 1967-1970 to wipe SOUTH EAST out of the Surface of the Earth, but failed because the good Lord is on our side.

After that they planned, plotted and have a common front to emasculate any IGBO person..

The Conglomerate of Generals went after IBETO run it down, heard that CAPITAL OIL is another Kid on the high move, fa bo ya Ji na aja lined up cartons of trouble for him and push him into great temptations and ruin..

Then when Dangote started building refinery at IBEJU LEKKI ,LAGOS State ,  state not known for any oil production, but yet he sited his factory down there just to create another agony for the Nation.

They will drill oil from the South, transport it to the west and not even one person from South will be employed for that process and if they turn to Militants they will hunt them like Rabbit but give them Source of Living buruzie wahala.

The Generals moving, sorry building refinery that should be in the South or East in Lagos, simply sent a message that the pogrom is not done but this time more refined and scientific.

Yesterday a Court in Lagos, yes same LAGOS that is hosting the Refinery gave a judgement that INNOSON must be arrested, quarantined so that his business will be ruined again.... Do not ask me why because I will tell you..

DANGOTE is about to open a PEUGEOT assembly plant in KADUNA, yes, PEUGEOT product made in France, he has the franchise and to make that monopoly so effective they must kill INNOSON BRAND by Fire by Force.



Innoson Motors


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