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Learning simple Igbo is an extract from Learn Simple Igbo book. The whole stuff is the same as those in the book but the book slightly unique through graphics and in depth faculty including the recent added DVD.

It is the case that some people prefer learning from the computer while others prefer learning from the book.

You can buy a copy of this book by clicking on the book itself or by going to our online section to order the book.

Learn Igbo Alphabet

Learning Igbo Numbers

Learn Human Parts in Igbo

Learn Animals Names in Igbo

Learn Fruits Names in Igbo

Learn Insects Names in Igbo

Learn Plants Names in Igbo

Learn Foods and Drinks Names in Igbo

The Obi’s Family

Learn the Use of “wete or weta” in Igbo

Learn the Use of “na” in Igbo

Learn the Use of “ya” in Igbo

Learn the Use of “kedụ” in Igbo

Learn to Write a Letter in Igbo

Learn Igbo Greetings

Learn About Money Matters in Igbo

Learn About Vehicles in Igbo

Learn Igbo Market Days

Learn Some Everyday Igbo Words


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