Luxembourg in Comparison

The land size of Nigeria is about 1,000,000 Km square (one million kilometers square). The population of Nigeria is about 200 million people. 

The land size of Luxembourg is 2,586 Km square (two thousand five hundred and eighty six kilometers square). The population of Luxembourg is 500 thousand people. 

Anambra state is about 5000 Km square. In other words, the land size of Anambra in Biafra land is twice or two times the land size of Luxembourg.

However, when it comes to wealth, Luxembourg is always coming first or second in the world.

Yes, you heard me well, Luxembourg is the richest country in the world, followed by Qatar, another very small country, both in land size and population.





Luxembourg in Comparison

When people say that the SE of present day Nigeria is not big enough for a country, I laugh out loud! How daft could some people be?!

Don't forget that Luxembourg is landlocked just like Switzerland, another very rich country. But Nigeria has the Atlantic ocean along its shores.

If oceans make countries rich then West African countries, Cuba and Haiti should be wealthier than Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Finally, I'll continue to maintain that land size or population does not make a country wealthy. The quality or usefulness of humans within the said country is the most important factor in wealth-creation.

By Dr. Chinemelum Ogwueleka

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