Behold Your "One Nigeria"

By Fred Chukwuelobe
22nd December 2016

Where are Igbo leaders? Where are our politicians? Where are our traditional rulers? Where are our revered men of God? Our people are being harassed, extorted, and nobody is saying anything, except His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra state.


More than 10 customs check Points are lined up from Lagos to Onitsha. Several Police check points complement them. Cars are being seized from travelers.

Foreign rice meant to be used to celebrate Christmas is being forcefully taken away from travelers. Who imported these bags of foreign rice? Who collected bribe and cleared them? Why are the poor Igbo folks traveling home to celebrate with their kit and kin facing this oppression? It's time for our people to speak up. It's time for our journalists to use their influence. What are we waiting for? I just returned from the south East and I felt sad at the presence of military men on our roads. Our people are being humiliated.

They are being extorted. And nobody is coming to their defence. Apart from Mr. Obi, everyother person has gone silent. What a pity.

Source: Fred Chukwuelobe