Monsters Of The Empire Of Darkness, Kingdom Of The Devil And The Masses

Monsters Of The Empire Of Darkness, Kingdom Of The Devil And The Masses

Written by- Maxwell Chuks
15th May 2017

Kingdom of the devil, Empire of darkness

They live as leaders but lead like monsters

Tag the people 'Citizens',  treat them like prisoners

Loot the money, destroy the economy

Preach prosperity, leave the people in poverty.

Saviours they claim, Ambassadors of the devil they are.

The masses live in hell, the children grow in pain

Suffering makes them fade, Hunger rules their day

Youths hustles for bread, the economy murders their efforts.

"All will be well, we'll make you smile", the black monsters sing the unending promises to the masses.

Yet suffering continues

When the people groan, they call them 'Enemies'

The youths React,' Miscreants' they call them.

The frustrated pick weapons for justice, they raise alarm and call them 'Political tugs'.

When the voice of the masses bang, 'Voice of the evil ones' they portray it.

But when they speak, the masses are forced to believe and see them as angels of the creator.


"Federalists and good citizens" they call the mute in the face of evil and injustice,

"Separatists and enemies of good governance" they place on the vocals as title.

With raffles purchased with the resources of the masses,  they send protesters 6fit to the strange green world.

Into the pit of Hitler, the vocals and incorruptibles are thrown while others are murdered by the janjaweed military from the fruitless land.

Heads of those seeking justice rows, their blood flows daily like the Atlantic Ocean.

In the cage of captivity,, Justice weeps to be let loose fir the people.

When the young cry "Give us freedom",

the youths say "We want freedom",

And the aged seek for freedom,

Slaves of the monsters pull triggers, bullets feasts on the flesh of the people.

Yet, earthly Ambassadors of justice glue their mouths and fold their arms like the statues of old Babylon.

"More of you we'll kill to maintain this empire of Darkness", the Monsters roar.

"If death be the price, we'll pay without a shred of fear" the freedom fighters say as they fight further for the sake of their people and the unborn generation.

Who'll avert this impending doom?

Who'll bring justice to this people?, the writing fingers ask Daily.

In the quest for Biafra freedom, My wet ink cry as I see the children, youths and adults walk in the valley of pains as it was in the old Egypt, suffering and dying in the Devil's empire.




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