Most Nigerians Require Physical and Mental Help

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during his epic broadcast from the capital city of Israel made more than 50 million Biafrans to stand up to observe One Minute silence in honour of the 28 men who paid the ultimate prize for him to live and for all that have died for Biafra, especially the more than 3million that died in 1967/70.

I was listening. I stood up. Some silent tears flowed down and in the silence of my heart I said a prayer for them. Even good hearted non Biafrans listening joined us to remember our heroes. We all are books of red. We all bleed whenever we are opened.

But some dark evil mischievous people didn't see this memorable action; they rather picked offense at the mention of a dog. They were so surprised that a dog’s name was mentioned. Some said they lost respect for the IPOB leader for mentioning a dog who felled alongside the twenty eight courageous Biafrans.

The Burial of Police Dog

I am not surprised. In 1966 Odumegwu Ojukwu mentioned and advocated for Confederate state, yet the people who saw him as equals never understood him. They bemoaned and rejected it. It took them almost 48years to realize they need such a Confederate state Ojukwu of blessed memory suggested. Even till today restructuring still elude them. Biafrans are always ahead.




Most Nigerians Require Physical and Mental Help

Some time ago USA celebrated a dog, a police dog that died of cancer while in active service. He was given a befitting burial. The pictures litter the internet. You can search for it. In an era people advocate for animal right, Nigerians are outraged a dog was mentioned. A dog that was killed by their own military. They are not even ashamed that their own military went to a civilian house in 2017 and killed a helpless dog. I wondered what my own dog Lucky would have done in such situation. Definitely it will continue barking trying hard to save me. Maybe die while trying.

Biafrans have left you people behind. We treasure life. Human and animal life alike. While northern Hausa/Fulani kill people in the North, we in the East protect life.

But Nigerians have problem with it. A people that have refused to grow. Bukola Saraki became their hero for evading police and drove himself to Senate house. But somehow Nnamdi Kanu whose house was surrounded by army battalion with armoured vehicles and fighter jets, and yet escaped without the military knowing how he made it alive is a coward to them.

How do I describe a Nigerian?

The truth is that years of political bartering and economic rape has truly destroyed the psych of Nigerians. Is that not why Nnamdi Kanu who never stole their money suddenly became their problem, while Atiku is now the saviour in waiting. He is their problem for trying to bring them out of slavery.

I pity Nigerians. I truly do. I Elochukwu Ohagi will continue to sound it here. Both Atiku and Buhari will never give you the freedom you desire. Just like you all brought out a fragile 75 year old and made him a god. That's how you all will create another god who will disappoint and kill most people.

Until the people rise up, freedom will continue to elude you Nigerians. But the good news is that Biafrans have left you people behind.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
October 2018



Nnamdi Kanu at Radio Biafra

Did You Know President Buhari Loves His Cows More Than Nigerians

Nnamdi Kanu started his broadcast with
1(one) minutes silence to honor 28 Men who lost their life during the infamous Python Dance. He went further to say, those men will remain our hero's forever. His mention of Jack was to tell you how monstrous military men who came for his life where; that even animals were not spared. 

But the enemies went to town with fallacies of him valuing his dog more than men that died.

You see, While you are jumping and and down like a dummy under control of hate, sharing the stupid news, the bloggers and gutter media who churn out these blatant lies are smiling to bank.

To me, I want them to continue. As you trend your hate and lies against Nnamdi Kanu, you are indirectly doing evangelism for us and keeping IPOB on the lips of everyone.
IPOB has come to stay. Biafra will be restored las las. There is nothing any body can do about that.

*Nnamdi kanu make mention of his dog for everyone to know that the Nigerian army's where ready to kill everything living in his compound. if you can understand such an attack that animal as small as dog is been killed that means they where ready to kill little baby's as Well

Burial of Police Dog 2

*A Northern Senator said that Fulani's love their cows more than their lives and nobody attacked her,why are Nigeria's so outdated?

*If he mention that the Army killed 28 people in his father's compound and killed his dog .this is information about what happened that day including her cousin sister .now let the denied it or accept it ,is not because he value his dog ,when you are attack if you reached police office you reports what you lost at point of the attack so that any objects recovered that you mentioned will be giving back to you after the investigation of the police office




Burial of Police Dog
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