NIGERIA: Corruption And Official Stealing: Enters The Government, The Politicians, and The People

Nigeria, a country of many nations lumped together by colonial master who had no inclination of their culture, their beliefs, their values and their origins. The topic for today is not about amalgamation of Nigeria, as everyone knows the story, the history and the consequences. My topic today is on corruption and stealing by those entrusted to protect the treasury of our dear country, Nigeria.

Corruption by any standard is condemned anywhere in the world, Nigeria not excluded. What is corruption anyway? Oxford dictionary describes corruption as dishonesty or illegal behaviour. It went on to state that corruption is willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain. The word "dishonesty" speaks volume. We all talk about corruption in my beloveth country, Nigeria. Now then, when you talk about corruption, bear in mind that it is not the act of stealing money, as it goes beyond that. It is an illegal behaviour for self aggrandisement and enrichment. Now that you know, can you search yourself?

Stealing in any culture is forbidden. Stealing is forbidden in Heaven and on earth. What is Stealing? The Oxford dictionary describes "Stealing" as taking something without permission, and without intention to return it. It continues that stealing is the act of moving quietly and secretively; an informal bargain. Moving quietly and secretively to take without permission what does not belong to you is generally termed as stealing. Now then, what is your own definition of stealing? Now that you know the meaning of corruption and stealing, how do you sum up what is happening in Nigeria over the years? Are we doing the right thing? This is why I have been writing throughout this week about "search yourself". We must now carry out self reflection evaluation of our individual and collective actions in our daily lives. Can you be honest to yourself? You cannot lie to yourself anyway. You cannot run away from your shadow, and you cannot eat your cake and have it.

There enters the government and the elected officers. I believe that Nigerian constitution prescribes for corruption and stealing, What did these provisions say? Can someone please explain it to me and the general public? Can someone please identify to the public where exactly the constitution of Nigeria provides for stealing and corruption? Are we behaving, arguing and writing ignorantly? Can the government of the day and the their predecessors tell Nigerians why they ignored these constitutional provisions against the oath of their offices? All persons in the positions of authority swore to uphold the provisions of Nigerian constitution. However, if this is the case, why are we hearing cases of stealing and corruption in government?

Now enters the Court or Judiciary empowered to be the custodial and custodian of Nigerian constitution. Are they doing anything different? Are they living up the standards, if any? The Police is also the custodial of the law. They are the empowered protector of the law. Are the Police doing their job as prescribed by the constitution? Your eyes and your legs will take you to your destination. Without these parts of the body, one MUST be led to his destination by others. The Federal, the state and the local governments employed managers to look after various departments according to the constitution. These people are called civil "servants" and their service is for the people. Have you positively or negatively felt the impacts of the civil services? Look around you, your local government, your state and the federal governments. All I hear is ghost workers, corruption, official embezzlement, burning of government documents and buildings, Police, EFCC, the Court and the conflicting decisions. Who is fooling who in Nigeria? The whole world knows that Nigeria stinks with corruption, even the unborn babies know this, and yet nothing is done about it.

Again, enters the people. The oppressed peoples of Nigeria. The intimidated peoples of Nigeria who now depend, not on their governments and civil seervices, but for the Spririt of God to intervene on their behalf. However, God is impersonal. He made his rules and gave it to everyone and said "I will put it on their minds and write it on their hearts" so that no one will say I did not know. Is the constitution of Nigeria written on our minds? If not, is it put on our hearts? I will say yes for some of the provisions such as stealing and corruption. The reason why I picked up these two vices (stealing and corruption) is that even every culture put it and wrote it on our minds and hearts, and so no one will say that I did not know that stealing or corruption is bad, and it is a wrong thing to participate in. Now, talking about participation, based on the above, how can the partakers of Dasukigate say they did not know of the consequences of aiding and abating? I am still on the people. The good peoples of Nigeria who on one hand condemn crime and on the other hand, practise it with boldness and conviction. We blame politicians, and at the same time, we sell our votes to them. We encourage them to be dishonest, we urge them to steal, and we turn around and blame them. This is called "double standard" in its totality. You cannot eat your cake and have it. Corruption has permeated into our blood stream. What a shame!

Well, we are in it together. Let us now do a sef-reflection review of ourselves and see where we have gone wrong and how we can ameliorate the situation at hand. Amending the broken Nigeria is a collective responsibility. Now that we know that we are in it together, what can we do within our individual power to at least begin to change our behaviour and begin to open up our horizon to see and emulate good practices? Let me remind everyone in Nigeria, a thief is a thief, irrelevant of the size and value of what you have stolen. Now that you have carried out your own self-evaluation, can you now say that you have not stolen before or you have not been involved in corrupt practices? Continue to search yourself.

Nigeria, where do we go from here? There is a mental factor attached to our rejuvenation. We must search our conscience, do some emotion research, consult our body and soul, so as to begin to suggest the best ways to correct the imbalance and the bad practices that we have individually and collectively engaged in over the years in our daily lives in Nigeria. Charity they say begins from home. we have individual problems and we must learn to change our habits. Every Nigerian has something to offer. Goodwill is the pool of collective resources and it is not simple to quantify and to value. Together we may reach our destination if only we have our eyes and our legs active. Please, do not let us be led by foreign intervention, as the consequence is great. We must reconstruct Nigeria in our own way, though learning and emulating good practice. However, the style, the mode and the channel MUST be our own, agreed collectively after we have searched our conscience.The president MUST call for constitutional conference. Let us begin to set the pillars of Nigeria. We must be open minded and learn to disagree to agree. There must be a brain storming discussion so as to agree to the best way forward. Nothing would be imposed on any nations of Nigeria. It must be a collective agreement. What we have now in Nigeria is not normal. Who will bell the cat? He who has ear let him hear.


NIGERIA: Corruption And Official Stealing:
Enters The Government, The Politicians, and The People

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