Crocodile Smiles and  Tear Drops


Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia O
22nd October 2020

It was a gentle evening

Calm but mean

Voices were on the street

Calling for Justice & new dawn

For the land has turned 

To den of lions 

Before the strike of an end came 

Hurt the night

And silenced voices


The Monsters on uniform

And hefty booths

Armed to teeth

Appeared  in the dark

As the  light was seized to shine

Heartlessly pulled the trigger

That pierced through the pore of fresh body

Struck the innocent

Chanting Justice,  equity

Hugging  flag of three colours

Green, white and Green


The blood night,

Cursed the flag

The white, became red

Full colour, green, red and green

A kiss of sadness in the land

Everyone unhappy 

The street of Lekki reacts

The bloody paint really awful

The stains will never be washed


So  cold the blood

Goshed profusely as  souls

Hovered  in pain

Cried so loud

The voices so clear

The known voices

Of sons and daughters of the soil

Can this pain heals?

When recall the

Overpowered voices of the dying

As guns and bullets took up the chant

Tata Tata Tata, dum , dum 

As heads roll, kissing the soil in pain


The guns and bullets

Never rugged to enemy of the nation

But to the peaceful citizens

The blood of her own

Young in age, the leaders of tomorrow

Cut short, to feed blood thirst

Of the old fools


Today has come 

All  blood suckers must dance in the grave

The young shall lead

And dismantle the ghetto

For nations to trace their root 

And save their land 

To die no more by monsters

It's a call for new beginning

Youth, hug revolution

A poem dedicated to those massacred on 20/10/2020 at Lekki TollGate Peaceful protest for #EndSars

Written by Onyebuchi Eucharia O.
For Family Writers Press International.