Nigeria, A Country Created By Britain To Destroy Itself

Family in the North

Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press International.

Nigeria didn't just start spoiling under APC, It started spoiling from the first day Nigeria was created. That is because Nigeria was never meant to progress. Nigeria was created for the interest of the British government alone, the more Nigeria continues to exist, the more the country's self-destruct for the benefit of Britain. That is why Britain brought together people with completely different world view. People who instead of channeling a part to random progress, they keep experiencing persistent chaos. Britain studied the Nigeria people so well, hence they handed the contraption over to the North during the period of independence transition. The northerners had earlier declared that they are not ready for independence three years prior to independence; so tell me how such people could have effectively managed the affairs of the newly independent country.

You must understand that in the 50s and 60s, literacy level in the North was nothing to write home about, yet the British jumped Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo who were highly intelligent and know what it takes to lead a mordern society and handed Nigeria over to Abubarka Tafawa Balewa. They wanted the new nation to fail and most importantly depend on them. Britain understands the diverse ideological, cultural and religious rivalry between the North, East and West, so they utilized it perfectly to their advantage. No nation with such bitter rivalry will succeed without breaking into different fragments.

From the inception of Nigeria's independence, the mission of Northern political fundamentalists is to supress the Igbo and not to grow the nation. So the North who know they can't do it alone sees an accomplice in the Yoruba who have settled for the office of the 'most beloved slave' from the hated South.

In this, Britain retains control of their colony through the back door, the North gets the lion-share in a resources they contribute nothing to, while the Yoruba settles for the rest. The East, from where the entire resources comes from remain cheated, marginalized and impoverished. Go to the Eastern riverine areas and you will shed tears over the horrible suffering of the poverty-raged inhabitants. The oil pollution is something that can't be completely cleaned in the next 50 years.

It pains me when I hear people today lament that APC destroyed Nigeria, and it even pains more when PDP members especially the main players in the 16 years of absurd administration and embezzlement start trumpeting against the misrule of their APC twin brother. Who is fooling who? Was it not how APC members prior to 2015 election, kept shouting how PDP destroyed Nigeria.

After the series of destruction of the country by many different military coup including that of Gen Muhammadu Buhari, it was PDP that the country was handed over to. This PDP instead of writing a new people's constitution, accepted the one which the outgoing military government handed over to them. It was actually a military manual through which the military who were majorly led by northern military personnel will use to rule from the background. And indeed they succeeded. It isn't a surprise that since Nigeria returned to democracy, four men have ruled Nigeria and  two were ex-military Generals. In a culmination of 21 years of Nigeria's democracy, the military have 13 years.

For 16years, PDP know that Nigeria's constitution isn't working, yet they protected and defended it. They even wiped out Odi and Zarki Ibiam in the protection of the same 1999 constitution. Non of these PDP players remembered that Nigeria should be restructured and the constitution changed until they were sacked by same PDP members who went rogue and formed what they called APC.

It is always good for us to know where actually the rain started beating us. When APC unleashed all their terror on Nigerians, destroying the little that PDP left behind, PDP came back promising the people heaven on earth as to be voted back into power. They even had to employ the service of a former APC member, to become their party Presidential candidate. Atiku Abubarka who never mentioned RESTRUCTURING during his eight years as Vice President of Nigeria now promised Nigerians restructuring if voted into power.

But APC who has mastered how to use the useless 1999 constitution fortified themselves with it. They first removed the Chief Justice and replaced him with ordinary sharia court judge. They rigged the election, and those they couldn't rig, they removed using supreme court. All was constitutional.

It is not surprising that since 1960 till date, Nigeria has not recorded any progress, yet Britain keeps drilling oil, together with other multinational companies. The politicians keep looting and dumping it in foreign banks.

In everything, the people remain the losers. They are fooled every four years. Come 2022/2023, some APC members will return back to PDP and start fooling the people once again, telling them how they want to remedy the country destroyed by APC. They might succeed in fooling the people and take over power, but it will be the same tales of a failed state.

The British government who amalgamated Nigeria know that as far as Nigeria remains one, they will continue harvesting failure all to their gain.

Sadly, same thing is happening almost all over Africa. European countries are sponsoring bad leaders in Africa. Leaders who will open up Africa for them to loot and destroy.

Have you wondered why Africa is extremely rich, yet inhabits the poorest people in the entire world? It is due to the manipulative nature of the European colonial powers on African countries. study the few good African leaders and see how they were murdered.

Britain knows that dividing Nigeria and allowing Biafra to become an independent nation will not only help the people trapped inside the unworkable contraption, it will also help entire Africa to grow. That is because Biafrans will export their ingenuity across Africa and beyond; thereby stopping Africa from surviving through European and American aides.

Before you start singing APC and PDP come 2023, kindly remember that those politicians in these parties will keep destroying you unless you end Nigeria. Stop the endless vicious cycle and embrace freedom.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher Teacher and Activist.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba

For Family Writers Press International.











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