Nigeria Sharia Supreme Court? Attention Chief Justice Of Nigeria

Nigeria Sharia Supreme Court? Attention Chief Justice Of Nigeria

Following the fumbling, mumbling and stumbling of the Nigeria Court system and the Judges, especially the latest incompetent ruling by Justice Binta Nyako in Abuja on the 20th of March 2017 specifically as it applies to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's shameful and unfounded charges, one may ask, WHERE IS NIGERIA'S JUDICIAL SYSTEM IN ACTION?

Nigeria is a fraud, fake and illegal country.  The Chief Justice of Nigeria should without delay address Nigeria as to when and why is Nigeria operating under Islamic Court System; thanks to the unsolicited divulge by Justice Binta Nyako that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is partly being tried under Sharia Law. They fumble with evidence, mumble about the truth and stumble in the application of the law.

Biafra leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu revealed all these events taking place today in Nigeria and he was arrested and illegally imprisoned without trial for telling the truth about this evil country called Nigeria. Nigeria has shamelessly massacred over 3.5 million people from a region, whom are suppose to be her citizens, this has resulted in the survivors opting out of this devilish and criminal environment.

The truth has been exposed that Nigeria is not united as a people to be able to exist as a country, The Northerners through their Military ex-presidents and who are Muslims cleverly with the help of Britain, in 1999, replaced the constitution to that of Islamic State under which Nigeria now operates. Supporting this crime is the arrival of the genocidist Muhammad Buhari whose  administration carried out more massacres of Biafrans and their illegal detention without trial.

The Chief Justice of the Nigeria should explain who approved this Sharia law, The Chief Justice should question the legality of the application of sharia law in a country with different religious groups, the Chief Justice should question the non-compliance of Muhammad Buhari's murderous law enforcement operatives as it applies to civil rights of individuals.  Furtherance to this issue, the Chief Justice should let Muhammad Buhari stand  trial for turning democratic system into military regime under his command without the House of Senate and Parliamentary approval or consultation. Not the least, the President should explain why he is above the law to the point that he rejects the rulings of Courts of competent Jurisdiction thereby illegally changing democracy into dictatorship.

22nd March 2017

The Chief Justice, the constitution of Nigeria has been trampled upon and terror reigns in the streets and towns of Christian dominated regions in attempt to completely Islamize the country. The value of cows in which President Muhammad Buhari is one of the principal owners have been placed over that of human beings.

Not to excuse you from your responsibility, it is the constitutional right of Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa to exit the union after 100 years and these issues have not been legislatively addressed. The Fulanis headed by Muhammad Buhari are killing innocent people over  their land.  There is nothing anybody can tender to justify the existence of this country called Nigeria.

Biafrans want what is best for themselves after being sacrificed materially and humanly more than any other group in the so-called Nigeria. Shameless thieves that use the so-called one and indivisible Nigeria to commit slavery, banditry and genocide.  There is no country on the surface of this earth that is not indivisible unless there is a hidden factor they do not want to expose and the worst aspect of it is that there is nothing in common culturally, religiously and language amongst these 3 groups. What is Nigeria?  Who is a Nigerian and why are they Nigerians?  Fools who can not think for themselves unless the Europeans think for them, merge them together and let them kill themselves then they will bring you relief materials.  It is best to part as friends than as enemies.

The worst state of living is that of a parasite.  Why are the Northerners, reluctant to pursue their future without Biafrans or Oduduwas?  Even the Oduduwas themselves are beginning to see the free flow of blood in their neighborhood caused by the Hausa/Fulanis.  Also they defended themselves and now are the ones being arrested and paraded by Ngeria ethnicallyand religiously biased security operatives in Abuja as criminals. THE FULANIS DO NO WRONG IN NIGERIA THOUGH THEY HAVE BEEN DECLARED FOREIGN INVADERS BY BUHARI AND BURATAI.



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