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Nigeria has failed simply because it was ill-conceived from its very start, the Amalgamation of 1914. The founders of “One Nigeria”, at Independence, wisely opted to administer the sovereign new Nigerian nation through a federal constitution based on semi-autonomous regional governments. Nigeria, despite its many drawbacks, managed to work like a charm during the 1st Republic. But then the Army struck, swept away constitutional federalism and in its place, imposed a centralized command governance for the entire country; this is still the model that persists till date. This centralized national administrative mantra has, over the decades, spurned societal antipathy and widespread corruption which have since eaten deep into every fabric of the Nigerian society. And the Nigerian house is collapsing inexorably as emblemized by insecurity of lives and property compounded by the shrinking purchasing power for the citizenry. It is time for we the people to exercise the right to self-protection inspired through self-determination.


With the ongoing inexorable collapse of the economic prop, which is the only pillar sustaining the country’s national cohesion and identity, the next few years might, in fact, be the end of times for Nigeria as a unified sovereign nation state. As the benefit of Nigerian citizenship continues to decline precipitously for millions, the diverse interest groups that constitute today’s Nigeria shall increasingly believe that they can fare a whole lot better in seeking self-willed alternative routes to assure their own self-redemption and survival since the big illusory national tent is collapsing and no one appears to have the will or capacity to stop and reverse the trend. Some have recently invested a lot of the hope in electing Buhari and a new ruling party believing that the change which the duo have promised shall soon come to rescue Nigeria even at the edge of the precipice. Finally, the chicken are coming home to roost. It is easy now to perceive a sense of disillusionment across all the socioeconomic strata of Nigeria as the promise of change has turned into a mirage with each passing day.

Nigeria has failed simply because it was ill-conceived from its very start

Nigeria has failed
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By Onyedika Oruche (IPOB YOUTH)
Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A lot of questions keep running on my mind every moment of life,questions beyond a human understanding. A question about the evils, wickedness and man inhumanity to his fellow in that man's creation ,the zoo called nigeria. Unity,Faith, Peace and Progress is her motto yet non do exist in that country,a country where political criminals are love more than their honest counterpart ,country where politicians must steal,a kingdom where the poor have no say.  A country where Journalism is the act of lying,country where freedom of speech and association only exist in the mere constitutional papers. Country built on hate and blood shed.

One who know no love yet blabs "one love"only in the zoo called nigeria have I seen such wickedness ever know to man kind. We do not want the marriage between the indigenous people of Biafra and blood loving entity Hausa–Fulani. We never asked for it,but Britain forced us into it for their own benefit. Since the Amalgamation of Northern and Southern protectorate of nigeria, there has been no peace,it only lead to war and killings but the British kept us together for there own personal benefits and selfish interest. this is an evil the world must admit and condemn for the benefit of humanity most especially the black race. We never love each other,hausa-fulani want us dead,they brought calamity on our people,humiliated us yet they don't want us to go,to be free from them and their wicked acts.

The most confusing point is that they don't like us,they still don't want us to go , they want us to stay so that they can kill and humiliate us. Hausa–Fulani boko haram keeps killing my people and you want us to be one nigeria. They must kill,its their hubby but its amazing how the world reasons. how can you present a killer as a brother,its really amazing. This is the right time to let the world know the kind of pains and suffering we has being going through in that country called nigeria. this marriage has never worked out for years. Since freedom is not a crime, all we ask for is a sovereign state of Biafra,to be left alone,to be free just like any other sovereign country,nothing more ,nothing less.

Source: Biafra Herald


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Nigeria is built on satanic foundation, says Fani-Kayode


A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, says Nigeria has refused to develop because it was built on a ‘satanic’ foundation.

The former minister said this in a Facebook post titled, ‘Lord Lugard’s Magic and Flora Shaw’s Spell.’

Fani-Kayode, who also served as the Minister of Tourism under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, said the manner with which Nigeria was created in 1914 was the reason the country was still struggling.

He said both Lord Fredrick Lugard, who was the first Governor-General of Nigeria; and his wife, Flora Shaw (later Flora Lugard), who gave Nigeria its name, were worshippers of Satan.

Fani-Kayode said, “It is generally agreed though not commonly admitted that both Lugard and Flora Shaw were Luciferians who practised the black arts and all manner of satanic rituals.

“He (Lugard) was a ‘High Priest of the Freemasons’ whilst they were both avid followers of Aleister Crowley, the leading satanist of his day and the self-styled ‘world’s most wicked man.’”

“This explains a lot. It also explains why Shaw gave us the name Nigeria – a name which has questionable roots. Anyone that doubts this should consider the literal translation of Nigeria into Latin: it means “the area of darkness” and there is a deep spiritual and mystical reason why she gave us that name.

“It comes with a lot of baggage because not much good can come out of an area of darkness.”

Fani-Kayode, who was the spokesperson for former President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation, said most of the African countries that were colonised by Britain had since changed their names.

He said only Sudan and Nigeria refused to change their names and that was why they were still struggling.

He added, “Most of the former British colonies changed their names after independence for similar reasons but because most of our leaders in Nigeria were not aware of these matters, they refused to do so.

“Lugard and Shaw were an unlikely couple who had no children. What held them together was more spiritual and mystical than anything else and Nigeria and Sudan are their joint legacy to the world.

“Sadly, both countries are having major challenges today. Sudan has broken into two after a protracted and bitter civil war while Nigeria is experiencing serious regional, ethnic and religious tensions. It is clear that our nation needs a good deal of prayers. May God deliver us from Lord Lugard’s magic and his beautiful wife’s spell.”

Fani-Kayode said Nigeria was created such that the North could rule forever while the resources of the South would continually be exploited.

The former minister said it was a miracle that Nigeria had only witnessed one civil war since it gained independence in 1960.

He argued that the only thing that had kept Nigeria united was the oil in the Niger Delta as well as the strength, patience and collective will of the people.

He said, “This was his (Lugard’s) vision: a northern Nigeria that was essentially the ‘head of the household’ and that would remain in control of all the powers and resources of the state and a southern Nigeria that would play the role of a passive and subservient wife whose destiny it was to remain in perpetual subjugation and bondage.

“The truth is that the British colonialists were masters of divide and rule. The amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates was a Greek gift which was designed to fail and to crumble at the appropriate time. Nigerians have done well to have held it together for so long and the fact that we have only experienced one civil war is miraculous.”



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Break-up of Nigeria:
What the prophets are saying!

By Martin Ben-TZION

“Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others evaluate what is said.” —I Corinthians 14:29 (NLT)

As the scriptures say, “The facts of every case must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”—2 Corinthians 13:1 ( NLT)

Record shows that even though all the Nigerian prophets who published their 2005[ the year the United States predicted that Nigeria would become a failed state by 2015] prophesies spoke diversely and divergently, there is one recurrent issue in their prophecies. And that is, a star that would arise and shine in the midst of the darkness that would engulf Nigeria.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) spoke of this star: “A star shall begin its rise through thick and thin. “

A star rising through thick and thin means a star shining out of a darkness. Could be the Rising Sun of the Christian Democratic Republic of Biafra [CDRB]? The rising and setting of the sun is an unbroken ordinance of God: no one can prevent the sun from running its course. For, the sun is like a champion rejoicing to run his course. It rises at one end of the heavens and follows its course to the other end. Nothing can hide from its heat (Psalm 19: 5-6). So, will the Rising Sun of Biafra, which many a Nigerian military dictator gleefully declared as being set forever, rise again? Is the Rising Sun of Biafra breaking upon the Trigger of the African Continent? “The Sun rises and the sun sets, then hurries around to rise again” (Ecclesiastes 1:5).

The velvet hammer of the Nigerian Pentecostal Movement Dr Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly corroborates Adeboye’s prophecy. According to Tunde Bakare, he was shown a massive giant in a vision. The giant looked like 1,000 water tanks built up together, and it was moving inside and outside of Aso Rock. Pastor Bakare said that that giant whose name was revealed in the spirit to be “Anarchy” was walking about intimidating and terrifying people. “Then all of a sudden,” Bakare continued, “The giant entered a high street, and there was this little boy who refused to be intimidated by that massive giant. The little boy refused to move. He just stood like that. He did not say a word. He just pointed a finger and the giant collapsed. Out of the collapsed giant, came a terrible dust so thick that it began to blow like a wind, like a wind is blowing it. Every man that had bowed to that massive giant became blind by that dust. It was just entering their eyes and they became blind. And I was saying, ‘Lord, who will open their eyes?’. They remained blind. Then I saw a little star; very tiny star. It began to glow, it began to glow, and engulfed the entire city. And God said to me, ‘The plague is over, the overflow has begun! When the disaster begins to hit, when the disaster begins to hit, the star will begin to shine”’, Pastor Bakare prophesied.

In unmistakable terms, that giant that collapsed is the demonic principality in charge of the Nigerian amalgamation. That demonic principality is the prince of the Niger. The collapse of that principality in the realm of the spirit signaled the demise of the terrestrial polity it sustained— Nigeria. And we all know that Nigeria has been delusively described as the Giant of Africa, when in essence it is a walking anarchy. That is why the name of that massive giant was given in the spiritual realm as Anarchy, that is, Lawlessness.

Prophet Ekong James Ituen of Christ Deliverance Ministries, Lagos, said, “There is a danger ahead of Nigeria. Nigeria is sick and the sickness is not unto life.”

What Prophet Ituen said in essence is that the demise of the giant called Nigeria is a foregone conclusion, spiritually speaking.

Since the sickness is not unto life, it is unto death. Requiem for Nigeria can as well begin immediately!

“The nation,

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