Nnamdi Kanu - Congratulatory Message To Donald Trump

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.
11th November 2016

This is to congratulate you Mr. Donald Trump on your emergence as the next President of United States of America. The shock of your astounding victory has not stopped holding those who never believed in your destiny captive. The euphoria of your victory is reverberating across the globe, especially among millions of Indigenous People, who have for centuries been bound by the chains of subjugation and the brutality of imperialism and colonialism.

The anticipation for freedom for all oppressed people, especially Biafrans has been raised high by the wind of your incredible glory and indefatigable fearlessness and courage which swept away all the mountains and adversaries that stood against your path to the White House. There is a resounding hope across the world that with your emergence, it is no longer business as usual for all manner of extremism, as well as the corrupt, genocidal and tyrannical politicians across the world.

Meanwhile it is worthy of note that I remind you the astounding level of support your campaign or "movement"(as you would call it) recorded among millions of Biafrans across the world. We supported against all odds, your journey and destiny to change the dynamics of the world politics which has over the years been infiltrated and polluted by devastating conspiracies and high ranking hypocrisy of world leaders.

Biafrans in Biafra land congratulates Trump

Biafrans and millions of Americans believes that you have the key that will liberate the world from the bondage of evil rulers who are desperate for the Islamisation of the universe; it is in this sense that we sincerely believes that your emergence as the 45th President of the United States of America is not a mere coincidence, neither is it a thing of luck; rather, it is significant of the indisputable manifestation of your mandate as a messenger of truth and an advocate of a free world. To say the least,- the good people of America never made a mistake by electing you as their President.

I am very certain that you are not a novice to the plight of Biafrans in the British-created Nigeria, as a good number of top US Republican politicians have inceasantly identified with our quest for freedom, which has consistently been suppressed by the likes of dictator, Muhammadu Buhari and his international allies.

The maximum support which we have recorded among notable members of your republican party is one of the major factors that propelled our maximum support to your journey to the White House, at a time most of the world major media and power brokers publicly unleashed the claws of their biased and discriminatory disposition towards your campaign.

It is indisputable that had the world powers such as the US government unequivocally condemned the subjugation and genocide being perpetrated against Biafrans, and supported the restoration of our indigenous land-Biafra as an independent nation, the inceasant conflicts and instability that have ravaged Nigeria ever since its creation by the British colonist could have long been a history.

Similarly, had the subjugated and oppressed nations in Africa been allowed to choose their own faith through the implementation of the United Nations declaration on the right of indigenous people to self determination; the chaos, religious extremism and political instability that have been a trademark of the continent could have all been averted.

It is worthy to note that the freedom of Africa starts with the freedom of Biafra. We have all it takes to ignite a healthy competition among independent indigenous African nations and the world at large, but these natural endowments of wisdom and intelligence are being suppressed, suffocated and ignored by Nigerian state, resulting from an immortal animosity, bigotry and corruption that characterises the British contraption.

Biafrans are desperate to restore the dignity of Africa among the international community, but this can only be made possible with the freedom of Biafra. The only joy Biafrans have with your record breaking victory as the upcoming US president is our believe that at last we have someone who can fearlessly and unequivocally confront those whose evil conspiracies and alliances have left African nations in turmoil as a result of the oppression and extermination of indigenous people.

Biafrans in Biafra land congratulates Trump

Biafrans are on the verge of falling victims to the Islamisation plots of Islamic radicalists and terrorists who are at the helm of affairs in the governance of Nigeria, and desperately seeking to implement absolute Sharia law in the country.

Our solace from these extremists, who are also a nightmare to not only Americans, but the entire world, solely rests in an independent Biafra. If there is a time Biafrans needs the intervention of the world, this is inarguably the moment. We need the support of the American government towards our freedom now, more than we did during the genocidal war that oversaw the massacre and starving to death of not less than 6million Biafrans.

Thousands of Biafrans have in recent times been extra judicially killed or illegally abducted and detained by the trigger-happy Nigerian security officials.

While notable human rights organisations and international parliaments have condemned the gross human rights abuses being perpetrated against Biafrans by the Nigerian government, it is highly expected of the US government to also apply some pressures on Nigeria  to conduct an internationally monitored referendum for Biafrans to determine their faith in the Nigerian state of which we were forcefully and unsolicitedly amalgamated into by the British colonists in the persons of Fredrick Lugard and his lover, Flora Shaw.

I won't fail to remind you Mr. Donald Trump that you have incessantly advocated the implementation of the rights of indigenous people all over the world to self determination.

   "Self determination is the sacred right of all free people's, and the people of the UK have exercised that right for all the world to see."

The above words is a statement you posted on your twitter page few months ago after the 'Brexit' referendum of the British people. It renewed some hopes among Biafrans that with you at the helm of affairs in the most powerful country in the world, our freedom is no longer afar off, and the gruesome abuse of our fundamental human rights by the Nigerian government will be a thing of the past.

Finally, Biafrans are wishing you a successful dispensation as President of the United States of America in the next four years, as you launch the execution of your promise in making America great again.



The Biafra Herald


Nnamdi Kanu - Congratulatory Message To Donald Trump

Nnamdi Kanu Congratulates Donald Trump

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