Open Letter to The French Government:  Don’t Be Deceived

15th March 2017

Élysée Palace,
55, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré,
75008 Paris,

Dear François Hollande,

This letter is to bring your attention to a recent comment credited to your envoy in Abuja when he granted interview to a Nigerian newspaper outlet. The envoy whose name is Denys Gauer –who is supposedly your ambassador to Nigeria- claimed that the French government will not wish to work with any organisation agitating for their sovereign rights as enshrined by United Nations in the colossal and problematic entity called Nigeria.

The history of Nigeria and that of the ancient nation called Biafra cannot be lectured to you by me. I will not waste your time with long historical facts and figures, however, I'll want you to think about the future other than yesterday or today. Nonetheless, you must remember that over 3.5 million Biafra people have been gruesomely and sadistically killed by the Islamic Soldiers from Northern Nigeria and others that they deceived with the aid of the British government and their allies.

On Monday the 9th of September 1968, President Charles De Gaulle of France during a press conference reiterated his support for Biafrans and the Federal Republic of Biafra. President Charles De Gaulle did not stop at rhetoric but went further to offer directly or indirectly humanitarian support for the people of Biafra.  I wish to remind you that Biafrans all over the world are aware of everything your people did for us during that period and thereafter.


We assume that Denys Gauer may not have aired the real intentions of the people of France and that of your government; we urge you to call him to order. He may have overlooked the authentic report from Amnesty International which outlined the extra-judiciary killings of Biafra activists by the Nigerian soldiers and other security agencies. We the people of Biafra wish to remind you that any sort of support given to the Nigerian army and other security agencies will only be used to commit human rights violations and genocide. It is on record that Nigeria military have committed a lot of war crimes and inhumane treatments on Biafrans.

This is why any nation or group that supports Nigeria government and sales arms to equip her military is indirectly supporting genocide. Therefore French government should know that any arms been given to Nigerian government will be used by Nigerian soldiers to kill innocent and terrorize innocent people. We urge you to call Denys Gauer to order and offer your hand of friendship to Biafra and our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


By Comrade Chukwu Ogbu,
For Family Writers.

The Biafra Herald



Open Letter to The French Government: Don’t Be Deceived

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