Operation Python Dance III
(Egwu Eke III)

Operation Python Dance III (Egwu Eke III)

South East is relatively peaceful. It's peaceful, serene and devoid of killings, violence and criminalities.

In recent times, there has not been cases of kidnapping; and armed robbery has reduced drastically.

What then is the need for the military exercise in a peaceful place?

During the first and second Python dances, even at the height of IPOB protests, South East was peaceful as IPOB were only engaged in peaceful and legitimate protests as guaranteed in UN convention.

Notwithstanding the peaceful manner of the protests, the military came and danced and snuffed lives out of our youths for nothing.

They were fed mud water, soaked in dirty waters, brutalized and shot like animals.

They were buried in shallow graves after acids were poured on their bodies.

That's the height of injustice and inhumanity.

They have just declared Python dance yet again in a very peaceful place, when they brazenly ignored the killings in Benue, Taraba, Plateau, Zamfara, Southern Kaduna, etc.

Buhari has suddenly learnt how to pray and ask God to protect Nigerians from the State sponsored killings by his Fulani herdsmen brothers, but has always sent the military to go dance in South East.



Maybe South East doesn't deserve his prayers.

Only yesterday, over 80 people were killed by the Islamic Boko Haram terrorists in Bornu, and I wonder why the military equipments and manpower that on operation Python Dance can't be channeled to Bornu to fight the insurgents.

For Buhari supporters in South East who see him as their Messiah, he has a deep seethed hatred for your likes, and nothing will change it.

Most of you think that you know and understand better than our fathers who fought the civil war, and those who vehemently opposed Buhari and his evil government.

But remember these words "OKORO ERUGHI ERU WARA OGODO, IKUKU EBURU YA BURU OGODO" ( When a boy who is not of age decides to tie loincloth made for elders, he and his loincloth will be swept off by the breeze).

Saraki's revelation of 2023 plan should open your eyes.

They will only use you and get votes, then dump you afterwards.

The Python dance you support may affect your relatives too, because rain doesn't fall on one man's rooftop alone, but everyone's rooftop.



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