Our aim and objectives are not only to restore Biafra but also to make sure we send Buhari and co to jail

Kelly Cosmas Wrote:

Our aim and objectives are not only to restore Biafra but also to make sure we send Buhari and co to jail.

We are not deterred by the antics of the enemies, I am deeply sorry for those who often cry whenever they hear our names mentioned, they will continue to cry all the days of their miserable lives; tears will never depart from their eyes because our existence is immutable.

They call us Biafraud and so many other names only befitting to them and their fathers but yet we are not deterred; they said Biafra is only in our dreams, to them they see us as dreamers and yes offcourse we are dreamers like Joseph. We have remained focus following our agenda not minding distractions from some animals, we know where we are going to; we have been to the top of it and we have seen clearly the promise land.

Those who hate us should start thinking of what would become of them when we are gone. Many would come to agree that the scripture was written as a prophecy against what is going to happen and then many will realise that Biafrans are true Israel and that is why no matter how far the enemies go to bring us down they can never succeed, we prosper in desert places and cause the dry ground to produce fruit.

Our fathers were left with nothing 50 yrs ago but today we live above poverty level while those who fought us with their populations are still receiving aid from UN and Red Cross organisation.

We do not entertain distractions such that will come from those who would stand as giants on our ways, we are not careful of how many Brutai that would stand our way; the only one thing we see is Biafra because without Biafra live is meaningless to us. We are like the supernatural among the natural; only the natural entertain fear and intimidations. Therefore go and tell Buhari that we are stronger people than him and whatever he represent.


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What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?