Political Establishment and The World New Order(Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump And The US Election)

By O M Egbujor
12th November 2016

There is an unseen movement going on in the world today. Ordinary eyes cannot see it as it is mental, emotional and it is not loud. The world has been controlled by the political establishment for so long. The political establishment is backed by the established main stream media, such as BBC, Sky News, CNN and others. Together these two organs (political and media establishments) control the world by feeding us with what they think and how they want the world to behave. They fabricate lies and feed us with those lies and majority of the world fall for it and believe it. Now God has heard the prayers of ordinary people who have beening asking Him for intervention on their behalf. The prayers are now being answered and the world still do not realise it.

Those in the United Kingdom will admit that the might of Labour Party establishment and the main stream media could not stop Jeremy Corbyn from being elected as the party leader twice in 2015 and in 2016. The movement continued nationwide and with all the might of British political and media establishments could not stop the British people from voting Brexit to leave the European Union. I said it from the beginning that should Democrat in the US not select Bernie Sanders as presidential candidate, Donald Trump would win Hilary Clinton because she is part of the establishment. At the end, the quiet revolution took place and the unprepared world was surprise. In fact, our so-called political prophets did not see it. They were blinded by the colour of dollar. The movement in the name of transformation is going from country to country and by the Grace of God it will arrive in Nigeria by 2019. Be prepared to join the train of freedom and emancipation or you can continue with your praise singing and vote rigging. God use the foolish things to confute the wise. He who has ear let him hear.


The Bane Of Mediocrity and Social Misbehaviour

By O M Egbujor
13th November 2016

Nothing good comes from someone deceiving himself or herself. One cannot run away from his shadow. Political correctness is the root of all evil in the world today as the world misunderstood right from wrong. Political correctness led the politicians all over the world to tell lies as bad has encroached into good. Political correctness is a system of evil established to control the mind of the weak. As the year went by, the weak as the misinformed became larger and louder, drowning the voices of the intellects. People of the world mistake wrong to be right as they were fed with lies from politicians and the media. The media lost the independency of journalism, all telling lies upon lies, painting green to be red. The world bought the idea through political correctness.

The political and the media establishments led the world to fight wars upon wars as the Western journalists urge their leaders to venture the world, regain control and dominate the weak. Might becomes right as the weapon of control. Who cares, the West has got what they want, total domination. No one wants to know the truth any more. Truth becomes so bitter that no one wants to hear it any more. People are doing what they want. Total anarchy, rich gets richer and poor gets poorer, who cares? Political correctness is a sicietal evil, ushering in crimes of various definitions. No more accountability and responsibility, just do what you want.

The political establishments are fighting wars with deadly weapons and lo, who will stop them? They are mighty and powerful. Politicians redefined democracy, look down on the people because they have stolen all the wealth of the nations and are now untouchable. Young military officers lost their lives unnecessarily and the generals laugh louder with their political counterparts. Claiming victory on all fronts in the face of mass destruction and loss of lives both civilians and military. The leaders receive compensation from the weapon manufacturers in the name of commission and allowance. Ordinary people die needlessly. Young ladies who are married to the young military officers are made widows at the age of 21 as politicians and military leaders move from one theatre of war to another. Little did they know that the real war that will dethrone them will be without weapon of mass destruction. It is the weapon of the mind through understanding and enlightenment. The weapon of mass destruction of the political establishments is the voting right of ordinary people. One man one vote. No weapon is stronger than that. Now, how are the mighty falling? This is the beginning of the beginning.

The new world order is here to stay. The truth is beginning to come out. The people cannot take it any more. Their ears are full of lies from both politicians and the media. There is no one to trust again, no more sweet talk, rambling nonsense. The masses now turn to themselves to get the truth. They are not listening to no more politicians and the media. Now slowly enters transformation, revolution, people's power, call it what you want, it is here and now. The true new world order is here at last. Main stream media has been dethroned by the social media. Power is now slowly returning to the people. Who knows what is around the corner. I see the invisible hand of God in all this. There is that silent voice urging the people to sum up the courage to say no. It is universality here and everlasting now. Join the train of liberation and freedom.



Political Establishment and The World New Order(Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump And The US Election)

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