Prince Arinze Orisakwe The Crown Prince of Amaebu Ebenator Kingdom Penned 20 Reasons


By Prince Arinze Orisakwe
14th February 2019

  1. Nnamdi KANU is not a politician, he doesn't belong to any political party.
  2. Nnamdi KANU is a freedom fighter.
  3. Nnamdi KANU is tested and trust worthy to be a leader.
  4. Nnamdi KANU love his people and want to liberate them from slavery.
  5. Nnamdi KANU will never compromise.
  6. Nnamdi KANU hates, and fights injustice, not minding who is involve.
  7. Nnamdi KANU is not the owner of the plane, he's just the pilot. Biafrans owns the plane and Nnamdi KANU piloting the affairs.
  8. Nnamdi KANU is fearless before his enemies.
  9. Nnamdi KANU will always tells you the truth without twisting it, not minding if his father or mother is involved.
  10. Nnamdi KANU knows Nigeria history better than any one else.
  11. Nnamdi KANU is a God sent to save his people from mentally slavery.
  12. Nnamdi KANU knows our pains and our sufferings.
  13. Nnamdi KANU educate us when ever he speaks.
  14. Nnamdi KANU is truthful and incorruptible.
  15. Nnamdi KANU want referendum not war.
  16. Nnamdi KANU respects those that respect themselves.
  17. Nnamdi KANU is an orator.
  18. Nnamdi KANU chooses death over life by embarking on this Biafra restoration mission.
  19. Nnamdi KANU is a master strategic and smart planner.
  20. Nnamdi KANU is loved by many and hated by few.

Boycott 16 February Nigeria presidential election, that's the only way to show our total rejection of Nigeria., hate Nnamdi KANU or love him .I will never stop following him.

Prince Arinze Orisakwe The Crown Prince of Amaebu Ebenator Kingdom Penned 20 Reasons

Prince Arinze Orisakwe
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