Rivers People Should Totally Boycott Cow Meat, For Good Living

Rivers People Should Totally Boycott Cow Meat, For Good Living

Beef referred to cow meat is one of the most affordable meat across Biafra --Nigeria - African nation. In view of the prices, sizes & weights per kilo of beef, almost all families can afford it, even on daily bases. However, for the sake of islamization agenda of Africa, cow meat becomes a major food ass to every home.

Cow Meat

With the aid & reports of the U.S. A department of world health organization, the Fulanis had often injected their cows with "bovine " which is a chemical capable of destroying barely 65% of African citizens within 5 years.  Whereas Muslims don't eat beef, so who bears the wrath of such evil? Other African religious worshippers are exposed to bear their rewards as they eat beef in ignorance.

Dr. Zakir Naik & Duku Jubril had expounded their wealth of knowledge & concerns for the Fulani Moslems/ herdsmen on why they conduct & maintain ILLICIT SEX with their cows as "if they don't have female slaves & wives around, they release their lust with their goats, sheep, cows, etc. "According to Duku, the Fulanis were created to value their cows above humans.

Mohammed" in his edits - journey from Adamawa to Abuja narrated his encounter with a Malian Herder who expounded to him their secret of multiple cows’ heritage & colony in Nigeria cum Africa thus:

Mohammed: It seems you're so tired, how far have you travelled?

Herder: Since, 2 days from Mali.

Mohammed: I know a cow gives birth to only 1 young cow a year, how do you get multiple cows?

Herder: these cows are only acquired by our masters through a marine spirit.

Though our world is prone to gossips & ignorance upon an escalated technological advancement, making viral on social networks nowadays are images of illicit sexual engagement between Fulani herders & their cows. Though Africans may not heed any warning to avoid beef, yet the dangerous effects of such evil perpetrated by Fulani Herders shall always metamorphose into various incurable diseases across Africa. Be it known, however, many? people would prefer to die foolishly than take the order "NO TO COW MEAT.

Written by: Mazi Bright O. Ihesiaba
For: Rivers State Media
Edited by Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo

For: Rivers State Media


Cow Feeding


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THE ACRONYM: "Rivers people " This acronym expresses an entire Irony & a wild British dogma concocted through malicious intensity to disintegrate the Biafra Indigenous citizens and at large foil the Biafra National Economic Heritage, cultural heritage and religious efficiency; thereafter, the British nicknamed our river-line occupants as "RIVER'S PEOPLE / STATES.

The British introduced western religion in order to forestall religious & cultural diversities among the indigenous people of Biafra. Be it known that every tribe and people share in common culture, customs and tribal marks.  Therefore, the Ibibio's, Ijaw's, Ikwerre's, Anioma's, Anang's, Opobo's, etc, were cautiously identified by the Portuguese in late 18th century as Iboe (Hebrew Origin) and all these tribes shared similar religion, culture & custom as well as economic similarities.

To note, the world from beginning was filled with water - thus, every tribe ought to be named "Rivers " However, “Rivers " is never a human name and or philos. The tribes of Noah, Abraham, Jacob, David, etc are all listed in the Bible, not the tribes of moon, sun, star, rivers, forest or desert.

Anybody who believes in the British dogma & acronym called Rivers Tribes should enquire of their ancestral names and revert to it, nothing more or less. Last week, I had two guests in my office for a deal, when we got to introduce ourselves, I find out that both of them had no ancestral / tribal names, even though they hail from Ibibio; their names were:

1. Moses James Samuel

2. Emmanuel John.

Then I asked - no traces of your nativity. It became a taboo to proceed until they accepted their errors. United we stand!  Divided we fall!!

A house divided against itself cannot stand If American's are divided, they will lose grips of world power. If the "evil Fulani kingdoms" all over the world could be of one mind, remains one in battle & policy, then why can't the good indigenous Biafrans come together and fight together to restore Biafra Sovereignty?

The central purpose & focus of Mazi Prince Prophet Nnamdi Kanu had never been to rule / governing Biafra, but to Restore Biafra.

Consider the video below: even though the dog is subject to the child, yet she never gives up on what belongs to her. She strived intensively until she recovered her young’s. In like manner, the "rivers people " should incorporate into the IPOB wild-force movement to restore the sovereign state of Biafra, rather than sit-on-fence or reserved umpires over the struggle for Biafra Restoration.  Our river line occupants must & should resolve to queue in with IPOB for restoration of Biafra Republic under the supreme commands of MNK.

Written by Mazi Bright O. Ihesiaba
For: Rivers State Media
Edited by Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media
Published by Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media




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