Self-Determination: Required Global Legal Framework For Nations' Independence And Associated Human Tragedy

Self-Determination: Required Global Legal Framework For Nations' Independence And Associated Human Tragedy

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press
9th August 2018

Irrefutable biblical history affirms the fulfillment of the law in Christ Jesus.  All laws were supposedly made for humanity and not vice versa. This was a concise response given against incriminating evidences tendered against Him by the proponents of the law, Pharisees and Sadducees on the issues bordering on the contravention of the laws of Shabbat. Jesus was seen healing the sick and doing other "love works" (miracles) on the said Shabbat, which prompted His response to the people that thronged around Him, seeking definitive clarifications.

The stone-aged, crude International protocols that even up to this present age, are breeding impunity and oppression, as enshrined in the territorial integrity cum sovereignty of nations, need to be wholesomely repealed. They provide covering for tyrants and oppressors of humanity all over the world. The continent of Africa is houses the offenders in this malady as the operational laws are inherently in sharp contrast to the above stated analogy of Christ regarding laws and legal instruments.

It is unfortunate to point out here that President Donald Trump of the United States of America, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho of the nation of Israel, President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Emmanuel Macron of France seem gravely handicapped by these archaic and nefarious international laws of sovereign nations, in taking necessary actions, as the cries and groans of humanity are incessantly reverberating the world over. Sadly, people are daily being sacrificed on the altar of sovereignty of nations to service the obscene interests instead of such sovereignties serving as models of protection to the people.

The above mentioned global leaders by all standards, detest oppression, dehumanization and enslavement of fellow human beings as often being perpetrated by regimes of atrocities in different countries, with the African continent taking the lead. Viable actions against these spate of human abuses are being resisted by the devilish international instruments of territorial integrity of nations which stipulated that they must be respected. Through this flagrant disdain for the plights of humanity by upholding these obnoxious international laws to the detriment of the oppressed indigenous people spread across the world, it becomes necessary therefore to conclude that "THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL INSTRUMENTS OF SOVEREIGNTY OF NATIONS HAVE NOW BECOME THE GREATEST TRAGEDY OF HUMANITY", instead of protecting the people.

What remains baffling however, is why are the international laws accorded supremacy at the neglect of other laws? Why are the laws guiding the sovereignty of nations even when outdated and offensive, appear sacrosanct and irrefutable, and yet the global leaders helplessly watch tyrannical Heads of Governments, under the cover and protection of the sovereign status of nations to commit atrocious impunity against their people? Why will such astute world leaders like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyaho and Emmanuel Macron who respect the sovereignty of a country in the mold of Nigeria, wouldn't courageously exert the required pressure on the leaders of the governments of Nigeria, Cameroon and Spain to respect the emphatically stipulated international laws guiding self-determination and protection of human rights? These are costly questions begging for answers  which these frontline world leaders must not shy away from.





Beneath are three definite international laws that must be respected and clinically upheld by these leaders in synergy.

  • International laws protecting human rights abuses by state actors and authorities of nations.
  • International laws guiding self-determination for all indigenous people of the world.
  • International laws of sovereignty of nations for all sovereign nations of the world.

These are salient and consolidated international laws which equally deserve complete respect of Heads of States and Parliaments across the nations. It is callous and out of fashion for sovereign nations whose Heads of States blatantly disobey such laws on human rights protection and self-determination like what obtains in Nigeria, Cameroon and Spain, and yet be enjoying the luxury of dividends from other international laws standing in sequence of the package.

President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaho, President Vladimir Putin and President Emmanuel Macron are necessarily obliged to question the credibility of Nigeria, Cameroon and Spain behind their enjoyment of the benefits of international laws of  sovereignty of nations while disrespectfully making mockery of other inclusive international laws and protocols governing self-determination and human rights protection. The Nigerian government is presently and steadily killing and victimising Biafrans in their numbers for peacefully agitating for their freedom. Cameroon government is equally and brazenly massacring helpless Ambazonians of Southern Cameroon for daring to demand for their independence. The Spanish government which has carefully avoided wasting human lives so far, is continually suppressing the people of Catalonia with tyrannical policies. The season has now dawned to demand from the United Nations, their  plan of action in strongly enforcing these laws in question, alongside others clearly spelt out.

Tyranny, human rights abuses and oppression in whatever shape, meted out against humanity, are exceptionally detestable and the governments of Nigeria, Cameroon and Spain must be made to respect the internationally stipulated laws on human rights and self-determination as the three countries are equally enjoying the benefits derivable from the laws guiding the sovereignty of nations. The international community must instantly though, make regimes to loose the pleasure of placing the sovereignty of nations above the wish, interest and protection of the people. Doing otherwise or servicing the status quo, amounts to heightened wickedness instituted tragedy. The international treaties put in place by the global community should of course, be made beneficial to all citizens within sovereign nations and contrary acts of suppression against genuine desires of the indigenous people groups must be criminalised. The indigenous peoples within the sovereign nations of Biafra, Ambazonia and Catalonia must be jealously protected against all tyrannical waves and decimation policies of the occupational governments in their respective regions. Sovereignty of nations must not be detrimental to humanity as Heads of States hide under such inherent luxury to perpetrate hostilities against the indigenous land owners especially in the African continent.

~ Biafra Herald



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