Setting the Record Straight: Attention Lai Mohammed

By Godswill leeleebari
For Family Writers
27th February 2017

Our attention have been drawn to a press statement by Alahji Lai Muhammad captioned "Lai Muhammad blast Biafra group”. Sincerely speaking, Lai Muhammad lacks the credibility and moral rights to blast IPOB as he has consistently proven to be the master of all lies in Nigeria.

When the truth of situations in Nigeria is been exposed to the world through social media the brown envelope style of journalism in Nigeria terms it fake news. It is hypocrisy on the part of Lai Muhammad not to say anything concerning the killings of Christians by Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram including the killings of unarmed Biafrans by the Nigerian Military.

On hearing about "consolidating on the gains of counter terrorism operation in Nigeria", one will quickly point out that it is geared towards ending killings by Boko Haram and herdsmen, but won't know that it is a disguise to completely clamp down and decimate more innocent Biafrans.  Lai Muhammad vented his frustration, desperation and ignorance when he pointed out that IPOB is worse than Boko Haram. I stand to correct that IPOB is one of the most peaceful people on the surface of earth of which all can testify to.

Nigeria thought that by killings, Incarcerating and brown envelope journalism that they could defeat Biafra ideology but today whether for or against, Biafra is a trending issue all over the world. This further proves that truth cannot be defeated or hidden. Lai Mohammed in a statement further said that they will pay more attention to communication and get more people who will fight the truth on the social media. A crack down on social media users can't deter us. What we the Indigenous People of Biafra are fighting for is a just course for survival. You cannot beat a child and at the same time ask him not to cry. We fight to stop living a degraded life and as slaves in our father land.

He, Lai Mohammed further said that we fabricate stories capable of setting one group or religion against the other. My questions to him is: when we send videos and pictures as evidence of the atrocities committed against our people by Nigerian government you term it as being fake, then if it is fake as you said how come it is now more powerful than insurgency? When Muslims kill Christians, is it not setting one religion against the other? or when Nigerian security forces kill unarmed Biafrans, is it not setting one group against the other?

Nigeria is a victim of its own plot, Lai Mohamad thought that this is 1967 when the Nigeria government successfully cut off communication from Biafra, little did they know that the world has left them behind, as He went further to bring in an international report which state that "Nigeria is the most difficult place for Christians to live" which he claimed they refuted. The caption is true because Nigeria is the only country where Christians are killed and nothing is done about it, neither by the government nor anyone around the world.

He further sighted the killings of IPOB members in Port Harcourt, Rivers state on 20th of January 2017 in pro Trump rally as being false, malicious and capable of igniting the country. It now obvious that Nigeria is trying to run away from it's shadow which is absolutely impossible.

The amnesty international report on 22/2/17 which stated that 177 members of IPOB have been killed by the Nigerian Military so far, Is a clear indication that Mr Lai Muhammad is indeed a liar. This further proved that Nigeria was built on lies, an edifice of lies where lies reigns and truth seen as treason.

Note it down properly that,  Biafrans are whiter than white and whiter than snow. We are not and will never been compromised. We are being baptized and sanctified with truth. Thus, what ever the Biafra media Platforms write is true and nothing but the truth because we value truth.

Edited by Chimezie Chigozie Ojani

The Biafra Herald




Taming the Weaver Bird Called Lai Mohammed

Alahji Lai Muhammad

Taming the Weaver Bird Called Lai Mohammed

By Kalu Nwokoro
For Family Writers
27th February 2017

Photo: Lai Mohammed pointing finger

It is rather regrettable and a mark of imbecility when old men who are supposed to set a good moral pace is constantly caught in the act of trivial mendacity. The minister of misinformation in Nigeria, who goes by the name, Lai Mohammed has invariably become a household name. He did not become a household name based on the success he has recorded in the ministry he is supervising but just because of his inimical, outrageous and mendacious lifestyle. This article is positioned to achieve two basic objectives. First, to dissect and neutralise the lies championed by this weaver bird. And secondly, calling on the attention of the general public to disregard and feign ignorance of the existence of this man in order to avoid further mendacious catastrophe.

Lai Mohammed at the seventh edition of National Security Seminar with the theme "Consolidating on the gains of counter Terrorism Operations in Nigeria" observed that fake news is capable of breaking the Nigerian State more rapidly than insurgency and militancy. He further pointed other issues which the buttering of Biafra activists was prominent among them. However, in the face of indisputable and overwhelming facts and figures, this chronic liar made another attempt of denying the buttering of harmless and peaceful Biafrans again by the Nigeria terror army and police. This weaver bird that goes by the name "Lai Mohammad",  is he trying to tell the entire world that the pictorial and video evidences that floods several social media platforms and the damning report by Amnesty International on what transpired at Aba National High School which was widely  reported by various media giants was fake or concocted? In fact, this is the highest level of imbecility and media bigotry. Lai Mohammed can only hoodwink those gullible individuals who do not understand his level of notoriety when it comes to mendacity. I want the world to be consciously wary of this man because of his mendacious life and any word that he spews should be dumped into the trash bin because of it's worthlessness. The world must be properly informed that the terror Army of Nigeria has continuously butchered, raped and maimed thousands of Biafrans without any moral justification. And therefore, the weaver bird called Lai Mohammad should be seen as one of those media hooligans that tirelessly strive to institute and encourage brown envelope journalism which sole aim is to suffocate and obliterate the truth.

To further show the world that he is not a man to be taken serious. Why is Lia Mohammed still insisting that Donald Trump spoke with Buahri in London when Chief White House Strategist, Stephen K. Bannon refuted and insisted that President Donald Trump did not speak with Mohammadu Buhari ( the arch genocidist ). This was the words of Bannon, "I don't know.........I don't know. President Trump has not told me, thank you". Similarly, on 14th of February 2017, Donald Trump to the chagrin of everybody said he and Pence have talked to 37 foreign leaders. When I meticulously went through this list published by a renowned and potent media outlet, POLITICO, I discovered that Buhari's name was not on the list. A man who could not refute his own death rumour wherever he is hibernating suddenly spoke with Trump!! A man who has terminal ear infection that has led to hearing impairment spoke with the most powerful man in the world!! A man who has chronic brain cancer that has resulted to constant lose of memory spoke with a President who doesn't associate and condone with terrorists and human right abusers!! This is the highest peak of media abracadabra. This weaver bird called Lai Mohammed and his co travellers should not be taken serious. President Trump doesn't speak with DEAD men.

On 17th of January, Nigerians were shocked with the news of bokoharam attacking the University of Maduiguri. The attack carried out by a seven year old suicide bomber killed a University professor and 3 others. Similarly, with agony, pains, accompanied with horrible deaths, Nigerians on 18th January 2017 were shocked with the terrible news of Air force bombing (intentionally) an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons ) camp in Rann, the headquarters of Kala Balge council which led to the death of more than 250 poor and hapless civilians. According to the terror and lying Army of Nigeria, their original target was to attack a supposed group of terrorists gathering in Kala Balge local government Area of the State. On 10th of February 2017, Nigeria terror Army clashed with their affiliate ( bokoharam ) which also resulted to the painful death of 7 recruits and 20 others were heavily injured with life threatening injuries. Amidst all these clashes and attacks that occur frequently, how can the Weaver bird called Lia Mohammed lay claim of defeating bokoharam? If i may ask, what gains are they consolidating? Probably, they are consolidating the gains and successes of bokoharam in decimating and butchering innocent civilians while the government of the day gives them every necessary presidential protection. Every right thinking individual can critically discern that this Minister of (mis)information is not only a chronic liar but also a pathological propagandist.

I will conclude this piece by making a short, subtle and passionate appeal to the general public. For the sake of truth and posterity, nobody for whatsoever reason should believe this naked and rampaging leprous song bird called Lai Mohammed. He represent falsehood and a notorious media mafia whose mission is to suffocate the truth by every possible means.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers


Setting the Record Straight: Attention Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed
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