Kids and Oil Spillage 1

Silent War On The Children of the Niger Delta
(Shell Petroleum Development Company Stop
Killing Our Kids And The Unborn Generation)


It is with pain and tears in my heart I write this piece, just a few days back I went to see for myself the disaster caused by crude oil at Ekole creek in Ogbia Bayelsa state.

This spill was from a Shell pipeline that is 42 years old, the lifespan of every pipeline is 20 years and the blatant neglect of this fact has brought untold hardship on the people of Otuokpoti and Agbura communities of Bayelsa state.

What you see vividly in these picture are kids scooping crude oil filled water, the drinking water is polluted, I could barely stand for long as the strong pungent smell of chemicals in the air made breathing difficult.

This spill which happened on the 27th of October 2016 was caused by sheer carelessness on the side of SPDC, and my people now suffer untold hardship from strange sicknesses and diseases.

I have raised a matter of urgent public importance in the House of Representatives, and I want to use this medium to ask SPDC, Ministry of Enviroment, NOSREA, and NEMA as a matter of urgency to start the process of cleaning up the area, doing a baseline study and sending relief materials to those affected as well as medical aid.

The people of Ogbia are peace loving people, but if we are pushed to the wall, no one can tell the outcome.


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