Standard Six is Not Standard Brain; an Open Letter to Ndi-Igbo

By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu Anyanwoke
For Biafra Writers
March 2019

Igboland is enviably blessed with erudite folks. This is palpably evident in all walks of life, the most recent reminder being the 2019 vice presidential debate in which Peter Obi – an Igbo – made mincemeat of his opponents. Although the Yoruba, by virtue of their geographical location, were exposed to European education much earlier than the Igbo, within thirty years of its introduction in Igboland, Ndi-Igbo not only closed the gap, they remarkably took the lead. This is, however, a mere academic brilliance; wisdom may not be there after all.

To a large extent, Ndi-Igbo are people with great knowledge but lacking wisdom. In belittling the African, John C. Calhoun once said that if he could find a black man who could understand Greek syntax, he would consider the black race human. In response, Kwame Nkrumah had said, "I could show you among black men of pure African blood those who could repeat the Koran from memory, skilled in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, Arabic and Chaldaic. But this is mere brilliance in academics achieved through knowledge and not wisdom." Gathering the pieces together, one believes Nkrumah was having the Igbo in mind while serving Calhoun a response.

Wisdom is priceless, little wonder King Solomon demanded it ahead of wealth, knowledge and power. A man with knowledge might thrive in diverse disciplines but may not have the last laugh. A knowledgeable person might prosper in a chosen field, nevertheless, he would remain subjected to the dictates of the wise, for wisdom conquers all.

Absence of wisdom therefore turns a knowledgeable man wasteful as is currently the case with Ndi-Igbo who build their castles on sinking sands, establishing their business empires and developing massive estates outside Igboland. When their tremendous successes excite the envy of the host communities, these achievements will be taken from them as is currently the case with the Trade Fair complex in Lagos built by successful Igbo businessmen domiciled there.

With the huge investments in Hausa and Yorubaland after the experience of late sixties, Ndi-Igbo has demonstrated knowledge in acquiring wealth but absence of wisdom in preserving it. No powerful race in this contemporary world established (in the real sense of the word) outside their ancestral land. Jews tried to but learnt their lesson the hard way. I therefore urge Ndi-Igbo to think home. Bring your businesses home and save yourselves heartbreak.


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Letter to Ndi-Igbo

Standard Six is Not Standard Brain; an Open Letter to Ndi-Igbo

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