Stop all the Noises! Let's be Honest to Ourselves, Biafra Referendum or Anambra Election Which One is the Most Important?

Stop all the Noises! Let's be Honest to Ourselves, Biafra Referendum or Anambra Election Which One is the Most Important?

By Igbo Focus
5th August 2017

We have been given a choice between Biafra Election and Anambra Election which one is more important? To put it in another way, Biafra Referendum and Anambra Referendum which one is more important? In English language they have a way with words or they have a way of putting things, even though they actually mean the same thing. Election and referendum, the two actually have the same meaning – voting, poll, balloting, survey, plebiscite, etc.  The term “election” is used to indicate that the voting is done on a regular basis, at a fixed point or at a fixed date for it to happen at certain or given time. However, the term “referendum” is used to signify voting that is done once for all or once in a blue moon. Thus, referendum can be said to be a poll used to determine a single point; normally a straight vote like yes or no seeking answers to a specific suggestion, other than that referendum is otherwise the same as election.

Asking for Biafra Referendum is a democratic way of requesting the Federal Government to call for election to seek out those who want Biafra and those who want Nigeria. It is very simple, if the majority of those people balloted want Biafra, then Biafra will opt out from Nigeria and a creation of a new country called “Biafra” is instituted. However, if the majority of those people balloted want to remain in Nigeria, and then they will still remain in Nigeria – very simple.

So, I cannot see what all the fuss about Biafra Referendum is. Nigeria is full of illiterates, as well as many professors with bogus diplomas and degrees in their professorships. This would explain why most of our children after spending many years at Nigeria universities studying, all the same, they still come out lacking basic education – not knowing that some of their professors hold phoney degrees.

Like as I said above that “asking for Biafra Referendum is a democratic way of requesting the Federal Government to call for election/ballot on proposed Biafra Republic.” In the same manner, self-determination is a democratic way of seeking for independent within a government which is part of international law mutually found within United Nations and Africa legal principles. Nigeria is a signatory to both the African and United Nations’ charters.

Being that the two ways (self-determination and referendum) are basically the democratic ways of seeking for independent, yet you have these learned people that you may think would advise Nigerians better, they are the ones misleading Nigerians about self-determination, referendum and Nnamdi Kanu.

Professor Akin Oyebode
Professor Akin Oyebode

One professor called “Professor Akin Oyebode” who is professing Jurisprudence and International Law at Lagos State University doesn’t even know the different between self-determination and referendum. The professor thinks that self-determination is a call for war. If a professor of an international law cannot define self-determination, one wondered where he got his degree from.

Professor Oyebode said Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to confront Nigerian military on his agitation or keep quiet. Now, a whole professor of an international law should have known that Nnamdi Kanu is only asking for referendum – a democratic way of requesting for an election in a civilised manner, that is why Professor Oyebode would ask him to fight Nigerian military on his agitation or keep quiet. According to the professor, there is no other way of gaining independence or independent would be achieved unless it has been fought for and won. How wrong is Professor Oyebode. Professor Oyebode is one those fake lecturers misleading Nigerian students teaching them rubbish or lecturing wrong stuff.

Arewa Youth 3
The Arewa illiterates; I am sure by now you have heard the Arewa illiterates called “Arewa Youths” misleading Nigerians telling them that Nnamdi Kanu is looking for trouble and for his elders to help warn him just because Nnamdi Kanu is seeking Biafra referendum - a democratic way of requesting for an election in a civilized manner. According to Arewa Youths the United Nations are the one to give referendum. Also according to them, United Nations are those to prescribe Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) terrorist. 

You can just imagine and hear the foolishness of Arewa Youths as they keep on contradicting themselves:

  • Arewa Youths are asking the UN, United Nations to pronounce IPOB terrorist organisation. One can image in what way is IPOB terrorist, after all IPOB won Guinness World Record for non-violence protests across the world.
  • Arewa Youths are asking the UN to grant Biafra referendum to determine Biafrans’ fate. However, UN is not the one to grant Biafra a referendum, it is the Nigeria government which is their (Arewa) brother – President Buhari the president of Nigeria and who is refusing to set-up the referendum but instead wanting Biafra to fight Nigeria for independent.
  • Arewa Youths agreed and said its Biafran’s right to agitate for independence - so if is their right to agitate for Biafra why should they ask UN to pronounce IPOB terrorist.

 At least from the three bullet points above, you will see how stupid these people that called themselves “Arewa youths” can be.

Remember that members of UN or UN Officials are not as foolish as Arewa Youths. UN is well informed of events in Nigeria over the years. For Arewa Youths writing a letter to the UN, such a letter is irrelevant to the case of Biafra and Nigeria especially coming from the Arewa Youths.

In the first place, Arewa Youths said they are upset with Biafrans, Nnamdi Kanu and Igbo elders.

They are saying that they are upset with Biafrans because Biafrans are singing war songs during their protests. This is not true; the songs Biafrans are singing are liberation songs and not war songs.

And secondly, Arewa Youths are upset with Igbo elders saying that Igbo elders should have been stopping Nnamdi Kanu from preaching hate speeches, and they (Igbo elders) should have denounced Nnamdi Kanu which they haven’t done.

And thirdly, Arewa Youths are claiming that Nnamdi Kanu is preaching hate speeches about Hausa/Fulani people. The problem with Arewa Youths and Nnamdi Kanu is that Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t believe in political correctness, he says things as he sees it. Nnamdi Kanu tells Hausa/Fulani the truth. We know Hausa/Fulani people are always acting stupid, no other person will bluntly tell them this apart from Nnamdi Kanu.

Going by what they are saying, according to Arewa Youths Nnamdi Kanu is also calling them lazy people dependent on oil and gas from the south.

Arewa, Hausa/Fulani core North and their cursed long suffering sidekick Hausa, lazy parasites which they are, it is not hate speech but rather a statement laden with facts. Only those people who want to be politically correct fail to acknowledge this self-evident truth. I am happy that their Sultan knows and has summoned the courage to admit it in public. Unfortunately the laziness of Hausa/Fulani has no cure that is why we can't be in the same country with them. Lazy bigoted parasites that Hausa/Fulani people are and thanks to the Sultan for recognising it.

“You’re lazy, sultan of Sokoto tells northern governors.” According to article in the Guardian newspaper 28th July 2017, where the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar, condemned what he considered as the lazy attitude of some northern governors to governance.

The sultan of Sokoto can only see the governors but we can see a whole lot more, we can see how lazy their governors and ordinary Hausa/Fulani people are. Hardly, have you seen Hausa/Fulani people in foreign countries working as hard as other nationals, earning money and remitting part of their earnings to their precious Nigerian families. All Hausa/Fulani people know, once they are made government officials that would be when they will choose to travel abroad to waste government funds, if they cannot spend the money, they rather dump the money into foreign bank accounts. Yet they will talk about one Nigeria and Nigeria unity, any chance they see, they will dump our money in foreign bank accounts. They talk about one Nigeria, Nigeria unity as if they love the country so much. In reality they are the ones not showing any hard work to maintain the unity. Their hard work as we can see is easily recognise the Igbos, what the Igbos are doing and to know how to calculate Igbo people’s properties and investments in the north.

The first people to be yelling about Nigeria unity are the Hausa/Fulani because the unity is of beneficial to them but they are not doing much for the unity. For example, Hausa/Fulani have been shouting one Nigeria, one Nigeria and Nigeria unity out of stupidity.  If they believe in one Nigeria or Nigeria unity, they would have allowed the 2014 National Conference, even if they didn’t like the 2014 National Conference, they would have picked few points or areas where they have objection to, but for them to just throw it out is imprudence; they might have picked few areas for supplementary discussion. But to dismiss the whole package just like that; this, I found is stupidity. The total rejection of the 2014 National Conference likewise ruins the unity of the country and unity they are shouting about.

If they (Hausa/Fulani) are looking for the unity of Nigeria, comprise is essential in unity. Hausa/Fulani have to comprise with other ethnic groups no matter how small those ethnic groups are. Hausa/Fulani, you don’t say because you are bigger than other ethnic groups; thus, they (other ethnic groups) must do what you say otherwise you kill them or suppress them ….. this is stupidity.

Look at the restructuring that most people were shouting about, immediately it came up to the senate, instead of thoroughly studying restructuring; Hausa/Fulani rather use their outnumbered senators to kill it off. Being that Hausa/Fulani people are known to be stupid we predictable that this would happen.

However, if Hausa/Fulani people are intelligent enough, they would have agreed to the restructuring but during the debate, they would have said to other regions “nothing or no resources coming out of our region” can each region contribute 15% to us. Now they will be making sense and some regions might say we understand your predicament, we are ready to contribute 15% or 20% to your region being that nothing or no resources are coming out of that region. And at the end everyone will be happy. But knowing Hausa/Fulani people, they are so selfish and greedy that they want to dominate everything to themselves.

Selfishness and greediness would be what will destroy northern Nigeria. They are so confident of war – that if south talk too much, we will fight them, win over them, and rule them. We will tell them what to do, takeover their lands and resources. They don’t know things might go the other way round. They will be shocked to realise that some of their plans have been revealed by them through their actions. They are still thinking that 2017 is 1967 when British blocked ways so that Biafrans will not be able to buy weapons to fight Nigeria or when Biafrans are not known by the international communities.

The British have been deceiving the north since of Nigeria creation. They have now brought the north some fighter jets to fight Boko Haram but they rather keep them, wait for another civil war to use the fighter jets to come to the south to bomb southerners. They are happily thought that this would happen. Let us think that this war thing is a dream that the north is dreaming. The north has been on this war thing. The army chief has mentioned this many times to Biafrans. Recently the air force chief was repeating the same thing not too long ago on how the air force will engage Biafra.  Few days ago I was reading how DSS boss is frightening Biafrans on what he will do. To me however, sometimes I think because the north is so stupid, they might try to start another war again with Biafra. To them they (north) are thinking that Biafra will fight like before to only secure the borders of Biafra. But a new civil war will not be so simple.

Sometimes I wondered why God didn’t make it possible in the first place for Biafra to have their country and go, instead of all the hassles with the referendum and others that we are now experiencing. However, in my mind, it is like God is showing us what north is up to and a way of saying to Biafrans “why have small areas when you can have bigger areas.” To put it in another way, it looks like God is telling Biafrans to fight the North, you got your investments there, win them and rule over them after all this is what the north planned to do to Biafra should they win.

We have been hearing many pastors telling us that when war ensued, they were begging Biafra to stop, stop; and let’s negotiate but Biafrans not listening. The reason to this, once war started Biafra is not only fighting for independent for Biafra but also to capture north. Biafra is not listening to anyone including United Nations because their main objective now is to capture the north.  

A Great Mistake if North
Causes a Second War

It will be a great mistake for the north and perhaps with Britain assisting them to start another war with Biafra. The previous war of Nigeria and Biafra was fought merely that Biafrans were only fighting to have independent state of Biafra only – nothing more nothing less.

However, another war with the north, this time it will be a war of supremacy – whereby Biafrans will be fighting to have their Biafra country also to get control of the North (Arewa country).  Arewa country will then be in direct control of Biafrans who will appoint Biafran as Arewa head of state. And safeguard Biafran businesses in the North.

What they don’t realise is that there are many countries today ready to hire or rent fighter jets to Biafrans from next to nothing and overnight night north will be destroyed as Biafrans will manufacture their own bombs – Biafrans know the best substances to use because Biafra has not signed any agreement with anyone. They can fight as distasteful as they like. So before the north starts any war, they must weigh up the options. We know that Britain is eager to help north, Britain herself isn’t beyond bombing.

We know in every state in Biafra land, Nigeria has army barrack waiting to fight in that state should Nigeria declare war. The armies in those barracks are more than deadlock in those states. They can be ambushed any time, overnight by the people of that state.  Biafran armies can land a plane in a remote state like Yobe State or Jigawa State and start fighting from there. So Biafrans will not be waiting until Nigeria or Northern soldiers come to Biafra land before starting the fight. Let’s hope that war drum by the north is only a joke and doesn’t start.

Biafra or Anambra
Which One is Superior?

Now I will ask the same question I asked before, Biafra Referendum and Anambra Election which one is more important? Anambra state is part of Biafra land and it is very important to clarify if Biafra is going or not. Biafra referendum will clearly show whether Biafra is staying in Nigeria or going. Once this clarification is made any other thing can follow suit. Anambra can then have their election if people voted to remain in Nigeria.

Depending where you are coming from, the answer to the question may be different. If you are politician, local or national government officials you may think that Anambra election is more important. And if you are from other part of Nigeria, your answer may be different. However, if you are an ordinary person in Biafra land, you may say Biafra referendum is more important to you than Anambra election. Let’s know where we stand first before Anambra election - you would say. Even, some rich Biafrans are finding Biafra as a tricky subject or uncomfortable because they think they will lose their money should Biafra materialise. If you are a rich Biafran and you are finding Biafra thing a bit neve racking, then you may find the need to buy golds with your money or transfer your money into foreign bank accounts until the wind blows over.

Today Nigeria is divided between rich and poor, military and civilian, politicians and ordinary people; these are the tools the ruling class uses against us in everything we do today in Nigeria. As they would say, divide and rule tactics, instrument invented by the British.

Scottish Referendum

In the UK, when the agitation for Scottish independence came up, there is nowhere mentioned that it is a break-up of the UK, all we know is that it is a Scottish referendum simple. As a Scottish protest for independence, the UK government quickly gave a date for referendum which is the normal thing any genuine government would do. Eventually Scottish independence was defeated; Scotland still remained within the UK to date.

In the case of Biafra referendum, President Buhari was so adamant then that if referendum was called at that time, Biafra independent might have been defeated but no chance of that happening now.

Nigerians always proclaim that they are following British footsteps but they are not doing it the right way. If Nigerian government had followed British example on Scottish referendum, things might not get out of hand as it is now getting. For the reason of referendum, people are calling for war. For the reason of referendum, people are asking Igbos to vacate their region within a timescale. During Scottish referendum, did the British ask Scottish people in their region to vacate their region?
During British referendum on European Union, they did not call it breaking up of European Union but rather British referendum on European Union. Even during British referendum on European Union, did European countries ask their British counterpart residing in their countries to vacate their countries? No, they didn’t. When you call Nigeria, a zoo or when you call Hausa/Fulani stupid people, they would want to report you to the United Nations for terrorism. Yet, what they are doing is beyond belief.

I will also blame all these hungry British politicians like Tony Blair and others who continuingly advising the wrong things to foolish northerners. They will see bad things these northern politicians are doing, they will turn blind eyes.

In Nigeria today, there are many deceitful people going about misleading people – they will tell them that referendum or self-determination is a call for war or is an insult on them. So let’s take a look at how some dictionaries define referendum or self-determination.

According to Referendum, The principle or practice of referring measures proposed or passed by a legislative body, head of state, etc., to the vote of the electorate for approval or rejection.
Also defines Self-determination as: The determining by the people of the form their government shall have, without reference to the wishes of any other nation, especially by people of a territory or former colony.

According to Oxford Dictionary: Referendum is a general vote by electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them by direct question.
Oxford Dictionary also defines self-determination as: The process by which a country determines its own statehood and its own government 'the changes cannot be made until the country's right to self-determination is recognized'

According to Collins Dictionary: Referendum is a vote by the whole of an electorate on a specific question or questions put to it by a government or similar body. Also Collins Dictionary defines Self-determination as: The right of a country to be independent, instead of being controlled by a foreign country, and to choose its own form of government.

According to Wikipedia: Referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to vote on a particular proposal. This may result in the adoption of a new law. In some countries, it is synonymous with a plebiscite or a vote on a ballot question.
Some definitions of 'plebiscite' suggest that it is a type of vote to change the constitution or government of a country. However, some other countries define it differently. For example, Australia defines 'referendum' as a vote to change the constitution, and 'plebiscite' as a vote that does not affect the constitution. In Ireland, the vote to adopt its constitution was called a "plebiscite", but a subsequent vote to amend the constitution is called a 'referendum', and so is a poll of the electorate on a non-constitutional bill.

Also Wikipedia defines self-determination as: The right of people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law (commonly regarded as a jus cogens rule), binding, as such, on the ...

 Now you have seen the definitions of referendum or self-determination from different English dictionaries and none of them mentioned that referendum or self-determination is a call for war or is an insult, even none of them mentioned that it is a breaking up a country. It is only in Nigerian they will define referendum or self-determination as a call war, insult or breaking up the country just to deceive others and themselves




No Election in Anambra State




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