Herdsmen killing, burning and raping are foreigners – Buhari 2016

“Foreigners need no visa to come to Nigeria – Buhari 2019.”


President Buhari Grants Free Visa To All Africans Coming To Nigeria

The president of the country yesterday announced that all Africans will no longer need Visas to come into Nigeria. 

Boy with Gun

There are radical terrorist Trooping into the Country from Chad, Niger, Libya and other war torn African countries. 

The move to abolish visa for Other African countries means that Nigerian authorities can no longer vet or cross check people that come into Nigeria from all over Africa.


Most Nigerians especially those in the South, hardly visualise the HANDWRITING  of those plotting to impose SHARIA on the whole country. 


With the Declaration by no less a person than the CHIEF JUSTICE OF NIGERIA, Justice Tanko Muhammad that the constitution should be amended so that Sharia would be practiced and thought in all 36 States of the country,  it is now understandable why Governor Wike REITERATES that RIVERS STATE IS A CHRISTIAN STATE. 

Those paid to Shout him down are now QUIET as the agenda is unfolding. 

Scannews views the ugly pronouncement by the CJN as the first step of a carefully hatched plot.


Killing of Christians

When herdsmen were killing hundreds everyday in Nigeria the government told us that it is foreign Invaders, illegal migrant ( unknown foreigners) that is killing in the country not Nigeria herdsmen

My questions:

If illegal migrants is the once killing Nigerians so how come the Nigeria government is still going to allow the foreigners without proper documents to enter the country again?

How come that Nigerian government close border for goods to come into the country and open it border for foreigners without proper documentation?

What pains me most in this whole thing is that our people have not wake up to this whole things because most of our people feels that the person talking about the nemesis that is about to before the country is not the right person but if you as the right person is ask to come and do the led you will take bribe and go against your people but support the person fighting for your well being you said no

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu talks about all this mission and nemesis but many people refused to pay attention because it is not from them, many christian and pastor come against him because he is saying the truth I know the truth they say is always bitter in the ear of a wicked soul, many pastors divert the attention of their members from the truth MNK is saying many said he is anti-Christ many called him different names but it still have not change the fact that nemesis is about to befall the country and that many things is going on in the background

Christian association of Nigeria (CAN) leave the support they supposed to give to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because he is fighting for the freedom of his people which christian as a religion stands for , when i was young my father use to teach in the church he always say that Christianity is all about freedom that Christ died for us to be free, he always talk about biafra, if the christian as a religion will leave what they think and support MNK to fight against injustice and killings in the country them too will be free.

The Yorubas because of oil and gas with the sea port which igbos import their goods through decide to go by lies not knowing that it is only the living that can possess his possessions the game is about to start when the foreigners as they said finish coming in without proper documentation no trace then you know if a dead person can possess his possession, my much pitty goes to yoruba christian is not about biafra or igbo but about whom and what you believe in 

I thank God for giving us a person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who have seen all this ahead of us and show us the way by established a platform to which biafrans can hold unto to fight for their life you hate him or love him the truth is gradually coming out.




Policies are meant to pass through the eagle eyes of analysis. It is this strong and indisputable fact that upholds responsible countries statehood. I would not rush into activating referencing of developed economics here, because I understand the shameful excuses of Nigerians towards unearthing of such reference.  They will hastily say to anyone with such presentation, “Nigeria and those developed economies are not the same”. I also remind these hypocrites and self-destroyers that in their hypocrisy lay their shame and retrogression.

 I am here to give justice to the funny and contradictory new immigration policy of Nigeria which was made known to the world few days ago. It will be important to start here by making one understand that The Aswan Forum was announced by al-Sisi in February during an African Union summit in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. It is a brain child of Egypt which contrary to Nigerian government position is for security of Africa. Aswan Forum was not conceived as an integrational process as AU, ECOWAS and other sub-regional bodies of the region are already configured for that.


The present Fulani controlled government understand too well the great opposition the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are posing to their hasty drive to islamise and fulanise Nigeria. They feel that the sudden sweeping of Biafraland and subsequent fierce diplomatic and media edge by IPOB stand as a clog to the wheel of Fulanisation and Islamisation. To the pioneers of this idea, the transfer of legitimacy by the Biafran people from the Fulani anointed politicians of Biafra extraction to IPOB leadership, calls for review of their adopted plan of action.

To the projectors of fulanisation and islamisation, IPOB global wings make them to see the needs for calling of Muslim Umar and global Fulani society for their future planned jihad against Biafraland. There is this conception by some elements within the power that be that Nnamdi Kanu have transcended the Biafran project to Judeo-Christian phenomenon which to them, is more of future international war than internal war, hence there is the need to remove various impediments towards the influx of Jihadists from Sahel to Biafraland for massacre of the Biafran people.


Some persons in their efforts have tried to give coloration between the aforementioned immigrational policy with economic face. That is normal in a society where the supposedly socio-political commentators and the media practitioners are more of favour seekers than pro-humanity folks.  There is nothing economic about the policy other than religion. For instance, countries adjust on their immigrational policies or flexibility when these factors are at play;

IT IS AGREED AT SUPRANATIONAL BODY WHICH AN ADJUSTING STATE IS A PARTY TO - This implies that what a particular country wants to implement is a regional or sub-regional immigrational decision. For instance, members of EU and ECOWAS are mandated by their regional and sub-regional organizations protocols to allow the free flow of citizens of member states. Evidence abounds that some countries see these integrational processes which seek borderless borders among member states as burden to their micro-economic development. It is the same reason that protectionists UK and USA are walking away from EU and reviewing NAFTA to USMCA.

What one with sound knowledge political economy will find out to unearth here, is why is Nigeria making this statement not in AU or ECOWAS platform, but on Egyptian driven platform which is mostly attended by Muslim countries of Africa? If such pronouncement could neglect AU platforms or ECOWAS platform which Nigeria is violating her protocols to through her unitary closure of her border, it then means that is more of message to the Muslim world than Africans.


Countries think of flexible immigration policies when it is obvious based on the available statistics that there is increase in industrial production with decrease in man power. At this juncture, immigration policies are adjusted to encourage immigrants come in. Even at that, areas of waivers are strictly stipulated which doesn’t grant avenue for all entrance. But in Egypt announcement, the door was open “for Africans” at the very time it is widely known that ISIL West Africa is building up at the Sahel with the sole aim of unleashing mayhem on the indigenous people. While the rest of African nations are reviewing their borders control for tight monitoring of who enters and who doesn’t due to advancement of ISIWA, Nigeria is opening it wider.

It is obvious that Nigeria internal unemployment rate is at exploding point. So why calling for mass entrance of people from Africa?  UAE, Canada and the rest are opening flexible immigration policies due to their growing need for human labours. So what plans are on ground to fix these mass immigrants if not for Jihad? America closed her southern border to save her domestic jobs for Americans despite her strong productive strengths. For what ground is Nigeria inviting the “Africans”?  If she doesn’t have job and better lives to offer them, they will have miserable to offer Nigerians. And the government knows this!

More will be coming later

Written by Chika Austine
For: Imo State Media

Edited by Lolo Oby Mboma
For: Imo State Media

Published by Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Imo State Media




Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari 5

By Charles Ogbu

As counter-intuitive as it might sound, I have more respect for Tyrant Buhari and his cabal than I do for that duplicitous woman called Aisha Buhari. There has never lived a more manipulative character than that our First Lady. 

Aisha is part and parcel of our Pharaoh and should no longer be allowed to play the Moses. A very deceptive woman mining the emotion and naivety of Nigerians for her own selfish end. 

Her game is simple:

When she feels she is being sidelined by the cabal, she comes to voice out some populist rhetorics that will make naive ones to think she is on the side of the suffering Nigerian masses. She could even go to the BBC to warn she would not be supporting the govt anymore.


All na wash! 

The moment the cabal makes some concession, she loses her tongue and goes back to silent mode. 

Look at the just concluded Kogi governorship election where despite the obvious fact that governor Yahya Bello has been a walking disaster in all ramifications, our Aisha still went there to campaign for Bello. She looked her fellow women in the face and told them to vote for Bello for another 4 years. 

Before coming back from the U.K two months ago, our Aisha was full of fury for the govt but the moment they approved more Aides to her office - the same office Tyrant Buhari swore to abolish - she went back to bed with the govt and was full of praises for them. 

Two weeks ago, after being over-fed by the cabal, she was all over the place advocating for the anti-social media bill to be passed because according to her, since China could regulate her over 1 billion population on social media, why shouldn't Nigeria? Today, the same hypocrite is trying to use the same social media to rally for support in her selfish, self centered and self conscieted fight with the cabal. 

Dear Madam First Lady, Nigerians are now wiser. 

But wait ooooo, how does a sane human being allow his wife get disrespected, mocked and ridiculed by his relatives and even Aides to the point of the woman always having to come public to spill some nasty details about the govt he heads? First, it was Mammam Daura's daughter who recorded the First Lady right in Asorock and released the video purposely to embarrass her and even promised to release more videos. Ordinarily, this is a very serious offence bothering on National security but not even an invitation was extended to the lady by the petty minded overzealous and not-so-intelligent Intelligence agency. Before then, we heard of the audio recording where the cabal referred to Aisha as "the suicide bomber from Yola". Now, it is Garba Shehu reportedly taking orders from the cabal not to recognize Aisha in anything. 

And the man for whom this woman gave birth to so many children - the same man she is still married to - is just there keeping quiet?? 

Something is certainly fishy. I don't know what it is. But even you that is reading this, you can't tell me you are not thinking what I am thinking.

Meanwhile, have you heard that our Aeroplane-driving Chief Justice is advocating for the Constitution to be amended to include the teaching of Sharia law in Arabic? Here is exactly what he said:

"As we all know, there are sections of the constitution that allow the implementation of Shari’a personal law and apart from that, we cannot do more. However, we have the number to emend the constitution to suit our own position as Muslims.”

Have you also heard that Tyrant Buhari has announced that Africans from all over the world would no longer need Visa to come to Nigeria? Meanwhile, our borders remain closed AGAINST BOTH ILLICIT AND NON-ILLICIT IMPORT AND EXPORT. But Northern borders remain very open and Northern markets are filled with imported foreign rice. If you know how porous those Northern borders are, you'd know the whole border closure thing could never have been about Northern borders. Going by Buhari's record, do you know the implication of Nigeria going visaless for all African countries? Go figure!











The Lady

LEBANON was a 70% Christian country but when Lebanon opened its  borders for the inflow of  Palestinians without VISA after the Yom Kippur war with Israel in 1973 and shortly  Lebanon introduced a National Identity card where the Palestinian Immigrants where used by the minority Lebanese Muslims to mount road blocks and  Identify Christian Lebanese for extamination through their Identity cards. Many Lebanese Christians were killed and many had to run to America and Europe , such people include Brigitte Gabriel  her Lebanese name is Hanan Qahwaji, born on 21 October 1964 she is a Lebanese-American conservative author, anti-Islam activist,and founder of the anti-Muslim group ACT! for America. Brigitte Gabriel has been very vocal about warning America about allowing Muslims to migrate to America considering what happened to her Christian Lebanese heritage. The Remaining Christian Lebanese had to fight a brutal Civil War to stay alive in their country  in the early eighties were Nigeria was among the UN Peace Keeping contingents.  

Major General Muhammadu Buhari is very desperate to make aljannah the Islamic heaven and the only way Islam promise him aljannah is through Jihad. What Buhari is doing is Jihad even though he will never tell you that. Thesame template used in Lebanon is thesame template the Islamic world has pass it on to the Nigerian dictator. Christian Association of Nigeria CAN and People of Southern Nigeria and the Middlebelt have to resist any foreigners in their community. Islam is shrouded in deep secrets, Islam will never tell you it's real motive , it is a deceptive spirit. 

Every Christian must say NO and  kick against that evil Buhari policy. Nigeria don't have the economic capacity to absorb millions of aliens . The free VISA Policy It is all about Islamisation at all cost , do not allow them to deceive you. 

Nigeria is already Islamized if you are waiting for the announcement you will never hear it. But we shall reverse all that Islamic nonsense, it is just time.

In Biafra lies our  hope!




The Announcement of Foreigners Coming to Nigeria without a Visa

President Muhammadu Buhari and President Donald Trump

When Buhari met Trump in the USA, he told Trump that the herdsmen he knows carry sticks not guns, those killing, burning and raping are foreigners. Nonetheless, Buhari Announced from 2020 foreigners need no visa to come to Nigeria.


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