The Evil Intention of Britain To Position Muhammadu Buhari In A Strategic Office To Hinder Biafra Forthcoming Referendum

The Evil Intention of Britain To Position Muhammadu Buhari In A Strategic Office To Hinder Biafra Forthcoming Referendum

It is no longer a hidden knowledge of the numerous atrocities and crimes of Britain against the people of Biafra. It is also a public knowledge how they specialize in distorting every news concerning Biafra, misinforming the world about Biafrans and daily plotting all manners of evils against Biafra and Biafrans. 

I want to put the record straight concerning the British Government, for ensuring that the terrorist in power Muhammadu Buhari becomes the ECOWAS chairman again proves to the world that they (Britain) supports all the genocides and atrocities this necrophilia Muhammadu Buhari has been committing against the indigenous population Biafra just to keep having access to their God given natural resources (oil and gas).

It is no longer a hidden agenda that Britain is the cause of all the killings going on in various part of Africa, especially in Biafra.




Britain is trying every possible means to stop Biafra forthcoming referendum but God Almighty surpass them.
Biafrans all over the world should wake up so that we can prove to this nonsensical imbecilic nation of viper (Britain) wrong.


Written by Nna Chi (TBRV Writer) 
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