The Foolishness of Northern Nigerian Leaders, Nemesis On Their Generations Yet Unborn

By Mazi Ohakwe Kelvin.
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice – TBRV
12July 2018

They gather together for a course they knew nothing about just because they were bent on creating one Nigeria which has become a nightmare for citizens living in it. When our amiable leader Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu declared the republic of Biafra with the support of other Biafran elders, hell was let loosed and the Nigerian government under General Yakubu Gowon held an emergency meeting and talks on how to overrun, override and overtook Biafra the new nation that was suppose to be nurtured to maturity and be encouraged, but the zoo government called Nigeria government never thought of that, but busied themselves on committing genocides against Biafrans just to keep Nigeria for themselves because of Biafran oil and gas.

They continued in their foolish quest to destroy Biafran Nation, hoping that in not less than 90days Biafra would have been in their hands, but the case was different. At first, when they attacked Biafran territory, Biafran soldiers overrun the Nigeria soldiers and Nigerian soldiers withdrew. They went back and re-strategized and brought in foreign mercenaries to fight alongside with them to destroy Biafrans. All these were done by the help and supervision of the British government who wholeheartedly supported the killings of Biafrans in Biafra land. 

Croatia was part of Yugoslavia but today they govern themselves. Our only crime was that we want to govern ourselves since we are not



accepted in the Nigerian project but are marginalised and killed with the support of Nigerian government. Yet, Nigerian government and her owner the British saw our desire to govern ourselves as a crime and declared uncivil war and ethnic cleansing on and against Biafrans under the complete supervision of the British government, which they killed over 3.6million Biafrans. And following the resistance of Biafran soldiers to defend her people withstood Nigerian soldiers and its foreign allys; and as a result of that resistance of Biafrans, Nigerian government went into agreement with different countries just to defeat Biafra a young republic. In their desperation to defeat Biafrans, Nigerian government went into unconstitutional and foolish agreement and ceded Bakassi peninsula and accepted open grazing land for cattle in Biafra land.

The northern foolishness began when they held such a stupid agreement with their foreign counterparts to overturn Biafra but today the reverse is the case. Their land has been subjected to various degrees of killing, it's called nemesis! This is just the beginning, more attacks will be unleashed on them by themselves and nature, except they free Biafra. The reason why Nigeria will continue to face challenges is that the blood of innocent Biafrans killed by Hausa Fulani soldiers will continue to speak against them. 

Free Biafra and let peace reign.




The Foolishness of Northern Nigerian Leaders, Nemesis On Their Generations Yet Unborn

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Support Biafra Refer
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