The Hypocrisy Of British Government: If There Was Peaceful Briexit To Leave Eu, Why Won't There Be Biaexit?

By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers
9th April 2017

It's obvious that some notable countries in the world are strongly against the call for the restoration of Biafra to exit from this unholy Union called Nigeria and known fact that if the Biafra nation is let to exit from Nigeria, their business Enterprise, Nigeria which was concocted to continue trading and enslaving Africans even after colonial Era, will fail or as the case may be, cease to exist.

The activities and stand of the British government in Nigeria since Biafrans reinforced the quest for a sovereign state, is a clear and undisputable indication that they're afraid of losing Nigeria asset which is known to be their business empire in Africa. Thereby they continue aiding and assisting the Nigeria government to massacre and unleash all manners of atrocities against the great Biafran people because of the manpower embedded on them. Even after the wicked role they played in the Biafra ~ Nigeria civil war between 1967-1970 where great genocide was committed against Biafran people in her territory.

Still in the desperation to stop the restoration of Biafra; they've on severe occasions resorted to planning with the Muhammadu Buhari led government of Nigeria on how to assassinate Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra and also Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television (BTV), but woefully failed to execute their evil plot. The recent statement made by Nigeria - British Ambassador Arkwright where he made a silly statement that Biafrans should shave their dreams,, that Nigeria cannot breakup under their watch; is the greatest evil and hypocrisy in the world. I want to bring it to his knowledge that the blessed nation of Biafra is older than the British empire and her experiment Nigeria. I want to also ask some series of questions direct to the British Ambassador and government.

  1. If they adhered to the voice of their citizens, peacefully called for and conducted BriExit without shooting any live bullet or killing her citizens because they wants to successfully leave EU; What made the Biafra cause different?
  2. Why won't Nigeria be allowed to divide for peace to reign?
  3. Why won't the people be allowed to decide their fate?.
  4. It's now obvious that Britain is bent on destroying Africa, (mainly Biafrans) else they won't back out and give their stand to the cabals massacring the masses and forcefully compelling them to remain in Nigeria amidst the bloody crises which only exit and division of country will bring to an end. By making such move and uttering words to forcefully compel Biafrans to remain in Nigeria, be molested and massacred every day; the British government have abused the fundamental human right of Biafrans and the sacred right of the indigenous People for self-determination which they (Britain) are signatory to.

For absolute peace to reign in Africa and the world at large and to further advert another civil war in this 21st century; the activities of the British government and the negative words they utter concerning the quest for Biafra and the territorial integrity of people who have the absolute power and right to determine their future, must be looked into by United Nations, World leaders and other world bodies must strictly advised them to step aside on the issues concerning Biafrans.

Furthermore the British government should withdraw themselves and their evil activities in Biafra land. There was BriExit in Britain, to leave EU and no one questioned, interfered or hindered them from leaving EU. So I see no tangible reasons why Britain will question nor hinder Indigenous People Of Biafran the choice to leave Nigeria for her sovereignty. The evil and hypocritical government of Britain should know that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Biafrans can never be forcefully compelled to remain in Nigeria.



#FreeIPOB #Biafexit

Edited by Dimkpa Ikenna

For Family Writers



The Hypocrisy Of British Government: If There Was Peaceful Briexit To Leave Eu, Why Won't There Be Biaexit?

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