The IPOB Diplomatic Steps That Is Worth Appreciating

I remembered years back when Biafra struggle was best described as "movement of touts". Sincerely looking in all empirical results, it was! This is not due to the caliber of men that were involved, but the ought right deceptive tendencies cladding those so called leaders of those "pro Biafra groups. To international community, they were "group of people who need federal infrastructure in their region". To the zoo (Nigerian), they were "hungry, touts and nuisance".

This was what Biafra agitation connotes prior to the emergence of the prudent Nnamdi Kanu. No sound mind was interested to join the bandwagons of thieves and fraudsters hidding under Biafra agitation. Nnamdi Kanu did alot to sanitize internally, these fellows by joining MASSOB (under Uwazurike) . But he was strangulated as he was like a fish whose nature was different from non aquatic animals yet wants to be in the desert gathering. Chai, poor Nnamdi Kanu was dealt with! 

Most people ignorantly blames UN, EU, US, AU, Amnesty International for being silent on Biafrans plights before now. But these individuals failed to realize that these groups or blocs are too responsible to identify with irresponsible group. They indeed understood the fact that Ralph Uwazuruike's MASSOB was just fooling her people. For that reason, it is diplomatic suicide to stand by such people. 

It took less than a decade of NNAMDI KANU emergence for Biafrans to have such an international respect we are enjoying today. The leather of diplomatic recognition is a tasking one as it requires tireless and timeless work for results. Nigeria has her money to use in blocking us among comity of nations. Britain on her own is working to shave us out, but what I am yet to understand is how IPOB (a non state actor) is maneuvering these hurdles to get where we are today. 

The world is presently rule by US politically and economically, UN numerically and EU continentally (due to her influence on ACP countries. When these triangular tripartite polar powers are gotten, others remain a workover! Has IPOB made any footprint on these power structure? Don't you think Chika




IPOB Executives

The IPOB Diplomatic Steps That Is Worth Appreciating

Austin China and Russia should be added! Well below analyses is an attempted analyses and dialysis of footprint quotient of IPOB diplomatically.


US is the father of influence. Too difficult to penetrate due to expensive nature of consulting and lobbying. Also the dynamic and complexity of America politics make it too difficult to make unwavering strategic positioning. IPOB from my miscalculated result doesn't have the resources to achieve strategic positioning in US foreign policy. 
But today's realities have proved me otherwise. Any day I meet Uche Mefor and members of DOS, I will prove them to tell me how they got it. Today, US is preparing to state in Nigeria, what they stake in old Korea of 50s (please don't ask me what she did in Korea). Getting US to engage Nigeria in cold war now is a plus to IPOB. There is a heavy clandestine ops by US against Nigeria ongoing. Courtesy of IPOB. I wonder how Nigeria can escape from this IPOB decoy. US recently withdrew her intelligent sharing with the zoo military which led to Boko Haram everyday hitting of the zoo armies (though don't expect such information from zoo gutter media). Nigeria is presently fulstrated that she either pledges everything for China for loans or she dies! 
China on her own is happy with the development, not because she is ready to defend Nigerian militarily, but she sees a desperate Nigeria as a butter to lick! She knows that a US chased Nigeria will accept any condition to survive. Unfortunately, Britain who would have aid Nigeria in resolving this issue is in heavy economic attack from EU and US. Politically in soar political tumor with Israel due to the labour party antisemitic posture. Who will save or appeal for the zoo! May be Satan... 

IPOB has done to zoo (Nigeria) what no one has done to her! 

I will talk of EU AND UN in next write up





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