The Masses Puzzle With Igbo Biafran Politicians Remains Their Cynicism Over The People's Plights

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press
4th September 2018

It is obviously irrefutable that Ohaneze Ndigbo led by John (Judas) Nnia Nwodo in criminal affinity with other political spent forces are surreptitiously recruiting some misguided social media misfits/e-rats to launder their gravely battered images. And this has precipitated the spate of ill-conceived allegations  levied against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it's leadership primarily to score cheap political points for their frustrated paymasters. It is necessary to point out here that this has remained the problem the Igbo Biafrans have with their shamless political elites/merchants. Political office holders from this part of Biafraland in whatever position or coloration lack the rudiments of political stewardship and legislative obligations. The outright cynicism of this politicians to the dehumanizing plights of their people has marked the greatest tragedy in the evil forest cum enclave called Nigeria. The damaging effect of this anomaly on the Biafran populace, has climaxed with no foreseeable remedial timeline.

Putting the records straight therefore, it is important to state here that these disgruntled e-rats staging this pro-political elites media war, need to fully understand the vested responsibility these elected individuals have in parliamentary circles in respect to their oaths of office. These politicians in their respective capacities, should be able to garner courage and boldness to effectively and efficiently represent the people of their various constituencies and not timidly sitting back and playing the second fiddle to their colleagues while awaiting the expiration of their tenures. Whatever legislative bill or motion an elected representative presents on the floor, serves not as a private opinion but the collective will of his/her constituency. Following detailed consultations with relevant stakeholders within a given constituency so represented, all interest groups (traditional rulers, religious/opinion/women/youths leaders, amongst others), pertaining very salient issues like the ongoing Biafra restoration struggle, it is expected that the legislator in whatever chamber, makes a sponsorship on the floor regarding such resolution(s) by his/her people. Sponsoring such a bill in the Parliament, attracts no victimization as such a bill represents the genuine aspirations of the constituency (people). This civilised norm as obtains in a sane society unfortunately, is not the case with the Senators, members of the House of Representatives and  States Houses of Assembly from Biafraland, where cowardice and egocentrism thrive. These form the reasons why these self-styled, self-serving, imbecilic facebook intellectuals/critical thinkers erroneously and pitiably too, display their gullibility in their penchant for frivolities. They have asked the IPOB leadership to accommodate these lily-livered political merchants in the scheme of things when it is obviously clear that elected representatives do not have primarily, the interest of their homeland and people at heart. These e-rats are jointly profiteering from the status quo. They are buffoons claiming to be critical thinkers and intellectuals on social media platforms.

Buttressing the point further, it is noteworthy to state that for over four good years now, the Biafra restoration struggle under the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), with the unflinching support and loyalty of millions of Biafrans globally, has skyrocketed into an irreversible/irresistible/irrefutable phenomenon which the Islamic occupational government of Nigeria has desperately and frustratedly responded to, with spates of undemocratic high-handedness. This has resulted in senseless and gruesome massacre of thousands of innocent, peaceful and unarmed Biafran agitators at different cities and towns across Biafraland. There are records of despicable number of unlawful arrests, detentions and tortures of  hundreds of agitators and their leaders who




South East Governors 2

were  lawfully exercising their rights. They are yet being subjected to extra-judicial persecutions under the guise of prosecution in different Nigerian courts. The murderous Nigerian Security Operatives have severally and brutally clamped down on harmless IPOB members during peaceful rallies and protests. With these glaring realities, it is expedient therefore for these self-acclaimed Facebook intellectuals/critical thinkers to ask those their employer Senators, members of the House of Representatives and States Houses of Assembly, why they have wittingly avoided conducting constituency inquiries on the Biafra agitation. But instead and shamelessly, the so-called critical thinkers have resorted to castigating the IPOB leadership for vehemently resolving for the unfettered restoration of Biafra sovereignty and independence with or without the support of these lawmakers.

If really these lawmakers representing different constituencies of Biafraland have the overriding interests of the people at heart since the commencement of IPOB engineered Biafra restoration agitations in 2014, the likes of Senators Ike Ekweremadu - Enugu West, Enyinnaya Abaribe - Abia South, David Mark - Benue South, Ben Murray Bruce - Bayelsa East, Stella Oduah - Anambra North, Godswill Akpabio - Akwa-Ibom Central, amongst other twenty three Senators representing Biafraland in the Nigerian Senate, would have gone to their respective Senatorial zones and conducted town hall meetings with relevant stakeholders to ascertain the genuineness of the Biafra agitation. The outcome amongst other demands of the people, would have been transmitted as bills on the floor of the Senate. This is how things are rightly done in civilised/democratic societies which Nigeria claims to belong. But disappointedly, these band of Senators and their counterparts in the House of Representatives feign ignorance to their statutory obligations to their people in their parliaments. If therefore there exists any circumstance that stimulates tension within the thirty three senatorial districts in Biafraland presently, it is indisputably the Biafra restoration struggle which has led to the loss of thousands of unarmed, innocent Biafran civilian protesters killed by the Nigerian armed forces. Despite the chaotic scenarios resulting from the insistence from the overwhelming number of the Biafra populace that the Biafra restoration project remains sacrosanct, the serving Senators from Igbo extraction, have callously remained indifferent to their legislative obligations. Senators Ike Ekweremadu, Andy Ubah, Gilbert Nnaji, Victor Umeh and others regrettably yet carry on unperturbed by the plights of the people they claim to represent.

If the Senators caucus representing various Senatorial districts and their counterparts in the House of Representatives in Biafraland had come together, sincerely discussed and synergized about Biafra agitations with the intent of expeditiously doing the needful in the Nigerian legislative chambers, this relentless spate of state-sponsored strangulation policies of the people's will would have advantageously been nipped in the board. However, if the lawmakers refuse to heed to the cries of the Biafran people whom they openly swore to represent, then they should never contemplate commanding required respect from the same people. All the Biafran lawmakers presently serving in whatever chamber of the Nigerian legislative arm should note that they are principally obligated to initiate motions for Biafra referendum/independence which is obviously the overriding political desire of the generality of Biafrans, before the glare of the global community. What legally and rightfully obtains in other parts of the world should not be an exception in Biafraland.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press



The Masses Puzzle With Igbo Biafran Politicians Remains Their Cynicism Over The People's Plights

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