The Story I Heard About Biafra

The Story I Heard About Biafra

Emmanuel Kelvin Nneji

My Uncle who survived Biafra war bullet wounds, told me at the age of Twlve (12) before he died, that "it is only Efulefu (foolish person) will support Nigeria or become a Nigerian" he also say to me Obiajulu do not let me die (Never let the spirit of Biafra depart from you). Nigeria is a political structure, designed to enslave people from different parts of Africa. Nigeria is designed to loot from Biafra Land in order to enrich the Arab Nations and European countries. Nigeria is designed to kill Gbo Igbo (Ancient Biafrans) and dominate the Land of the rising sun.

Biafrans that are not teching their children our history, Tradition, Culture, and Language are doing us No good.

Seperate your children from the enemies children now.

Because time shall come when they will behave exactly like Hausa Fulani Caliphate that raped their mothers.....loving those that killed your own people may seized your existence on earth..... Sure! The evidence is clear, but if you are still in about with me, then! Kindly visit the northern part of Nigeria like two weeks, there your will see what our people (the Igbo speaking Biafrans) are passing through there in the north.

Till tomorrow, I can never for forget what the Hausa Fulani paedophiles did to my people during th Genocide Nigerian government tagged "BIAFRA WAR" in persom of Theophilus Yakubu Dajuma, Ibrahim Babangida, Murtala Mohammad, Obafemi Awolowo, Yakubu Gowon, Mohammadu Buhari, and Olesegun Obasanjo of all evil.

Teach us Biafra history and double our minds with anger against what Nigerian and British government did to our foreparents.

Save humanity that's my concern.

SIGNED: Emmanuel Kelvin Nneji Chukwunwem Obiajulu

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