Then  When He Was With Us and While You Were Away

By Nwaorgu Anayochi

You saw Nigeria for what it's. An Irredeemable Lugard's entity.   

They Hushed you for speaking the obvious.

They said you  had no right to question your coexistence with a group who does not value human lives. A group who are allergic to civilization. A group who believe that, they alone have what it takes to rule over others.

They  charged you for Treason for daring to challenge the unfavorable status quo.

You were despised by your enemies, but those whom you were speaking for treated you with a great disdain. They called you a thief who came to rip off the wealth of the Igbos and natural resources of the Niger Delta(ns).

With a loud voice and an open mouth they asked you, who made you our speaker?

Who appointed you our leader? And they rejected your message out of the hatred they had for you.

They said you were not born when they slaughtered millions of your people, therefore you do not have the moral justification to say you are pained by their death.

The slaves you were fighting to free connived with the slave masters to destroy you and the only chance they had to be free again.


Some claimed they believed in your message but they don't see anything good in your approach. That You are violent even when you never fired a bullet nor ask anyone to fire on your behalf.

They said, you should speak of restructuring not secession.

And those who believed in their own fictions join your enemies to cast stones at you because they believed that the slave masters can give them restructuring even when they don't understand what it takes to get the Lugard's entity restructured.

They redefined the definition of a referendum to a call for WAR in bid to instill fear into the heart of the  slaves you came to free.

They vowed to crush you by every means possible. But they have called on the slaves to pray for those who are killing them without or with the slightest provocation.

My dear brave heart from Afara-ukwu, while you were away, among other things that happened, I can state the few that are quite remarkable.

  • Those who called you names for calling the Lugard's entity a Zoo are now living in regrets as a result of worst things that happened which has vindicated you.
  • Those who were shouting for restructuring  have gone dumb since you left the way for them.
  • The dog and the baboon has finally soaked in blood, but this time around, it's the blood of the people of Benue, Zamfara and Taraba. They were slaughtered for refusing to give their farm lands to graze the sacred cows.
  • Cattle colony was introduced by the slave masters to finish the already started work of their Hero Danfodio and to also compensate those who slaughtered their fellow Country men.
  • Rodents are now driving away a president of a country out of  his office.
  • Reptiles are now swallowing Millions of naira while an average Nigerian can not still afford a two square meal in a day.
  • Farms can now serve as bank where over 70million can be kept.
  • Monkeys are now carting away millions of naira.
  • We are also experiencing the worst and longest fuel scarcity in the history of Lugard's entity yet those who knows how to talk has  lost their tongues. N190 is now the official pump price of petrol.
  • President’s son who never worked in his entire life bought a power bike worth over 70million naira, yet all the men of EFCC were sent to locate the missing Garden of Eden. They never went after him to come explain his source of wealth.
  • Registering of under age voters is now legal in the Northern part of the Lugard's entity.
  • The Transparency international report has vindicated those of us who never believed in the Anti-corruption mantra of the King in the North.
  • The defeated Boko Haram has kidnapped over 90 Children of  Dapchi technical college and for over 5days  those who called Jonathan names and those who brought the attention of the entire world when the Chibok girls were said to be kidnapped has gone completely dumb, deaf and blind.

My dear Nnadi Kanu, where ever you're, I want you to know that you made a mistake.

You made a mistake by trying to free already conquered slaves and the slaves who are  yet to realize that they are slaves.

And that mistake cost you your freedom.

But no matter how hard they try to rewrite whom you're, posterity will judge you right.

And history will never forget the man who spoke the right thing that seem unspeakable.

You are indeed a hero to the lovers of truth and Justice.

* Oriental Times


Then  When He Was With Us and While You Were Away

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