Theresa May “in bed” with Terrorist Buhari? Plans for Another Genocide Against Biafrans?

Theresa May “in bed” with Terrorist Buhari? Plans for Another Genocide Against Biafrans?

By Dave O. Umah
Biafra Writers
31st August 2018

British Prime Minister, Theresa May was in Nigeria to meet with Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President, and it is reported they entered into an agreement on security with. The news had it that the security deal was to train thousands of troops to tackle Boko Haram, the mass murdering Islamic fundamentalist group. Boko Haram is the terror group that has killed more than 20,000 people and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.

Reports had it that the British government was reported to have made available a 13 million Pounds aid budget for the education of 100, 000 kids in what they called counter-radicalization bid. The British leader was equally reported to have expressed hope that the assistance being given to Nigeria will go a long way in helping to protect the UK from threats as well, while also saving the lives of soldiers and civilians in Nigeria.

Somehow, it is hard to believe that the British government wants the world to believe that the case of Nigeria is that simple. Yes, it is hard to believe for the simple fact that the British government cannot claim it wanted to fight terrorism in Nigeria and the person it hoped to partner with is Buhari.  Were they saying that they were not aware that the Nigerian ruler cannot be trusted in fighting terror? Buhari is known in many quarters as one who has been in bed with terrorists for a long time.
Buhari, before he became Nigerian ruler, was the one who sent his supporters on a killing spree when he lost election in 2011. Buhari was the one that was named chief negotiator by Boko Haram long before he became president. Buhari it was who have surreptitiously released Boko Haram terrorist who were being tried in courts. In addition to that, he paid them off with huge sums of money – making it possible for them to have enough to purchase more arms and ammunitions.

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As if that was not enough, Buhari and his government-issued visa to Ahmad Al-Assir a wanted ISIS leader, to come and shelter in Nigeria. The murderer was arrested on Saturday, August 15, 2015, at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport.




Since Buhari become Nigerian ruler he has used the Police, Military, and even the Airforce and Fulani herdsmen to perpetrate genocide against the Biafran people. Nothing less than 3000 Biafrans have died under Buhari’s iron-fist rules against Biafrans, as he has been looking for ways to frighten the people out of their legitimate independence struggle.

It was then no surprise that Theresa May faced questions about the decision to support the terrorist government, even in spite of Amnesty International raising allegations about Nigerian soldiers raping women rescued from Boko Haram. The PM told reporters she raised the issue of human rights with president Buhari, adding she welcomed his decision to establish an inquiry to examine the allegations.
But does she not know that Buhari and his government are natural liars in the order of Islamic “Taqqiya”. He makes promises and breaks them at will. Does she not know that Buhari has not kept any of the promises he made before becoming the president.

When the whole development is looked from all ramification, it is hard to believe that Theresa May is not trying to enact the 1967/70 scenario, when the British government dubiously supplied the Nigerian government with arms to prosecute its genocide agenda against the Biafran people. Even now, in the streets of Biafraland, there is a strong belief that the British Prime Minister was fully aware and consented to the invasion of Nnamdi Kanu’s home last year, September 14.
Kanu is the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and a British citizen. Since that invasion, in which nothing less than 28 innocent and unarmed Biafrans were cut down by hail of bullets from the Nigerian Army, neither Kanu nor his parents had been found. Yet, the British government under Theresa May, have refused to hold Buhari and his Nigerian government accountable.

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