This is how it plays out

The international community will always support an opposition party from Nigeria. It's a normal thing to do, because they see the incumbent as a failure. That's how they supported Mohammadu Buhari in 2014 and he went on to win the election. USA saw Buhari as the one to bring Nigeria out of the woods. Britain declared him the incorruptible and sold him to the gullible Nigerians. They bought into it and today it's an unfortunate failure. No one ask why they always fail.

Four years after it became worse, even worst than Goodluck Jonathan's era. Today, Nigerians are crying over the change they brought unto themselves. They want to replace Buhari with Atiku. It's the normal thing to do. It is good that bad things are replaced. That's why they are gunning for a lesser evil against a bigger evil. Yet again the international community has queued in. USA has given Atiku Visa, even with his corruption history. That's interest. It isn't their fault that Nigeria made a corrupt man their presidential candidate.

Nigerians only method of solving problems is replacement. They replace one man with another. They thought Europeans were their problem and they replaced them with themselves. With it independence was born. When their problems continued, the military came in. They replaced civilian government with their military government. It didn't solve any problem. It made the problems worse. They continued the madness of replacement from one military government to another, until they replaced them with Democratic government in 1999.

No one cared to ask why the replacements going on never brought any good thing. They continued replacing without the replacement solving their problem.

Before APC came, Yemi Osibanjo took the Federal government under PDP to Court demanding for restructuring. Same Osibanjo is vice President. He is now in a better position to restructure Nigeria. But the vice President is asking PDP to go to Court like he did during his own time in opposition. The PDP that is today demanding and promising restructuring had the opportunity to restructure Nigeria for a whooping 16years, but failed to do it. Now they are riding on the back of restructuring to power. Same thing keep playing out.

Just like APC didn't restructure, PDP too will not restructure Nigeria. Those saying they will restructure Nigeria are lying to the people. They are agreeing to what they can't do. They will fool the people and also ask them to convince their senators to move for restructuring. It's a game only the big heads understands. No party is willing to restructure Nigeria. It only the people that can restructure, but they lack the will power to confront their oppressors. 

It will continue going round and round till eternity. Youths of today will grow old yet Nigeria will remain this way, a pathetic failure. Nothing will change, unless it changed into deeper failure. It's a vicious circle. We keep going round and round.

Brothers, we have nothing to gain in Nigeria. Absolutely nothing. We will not wait for Nigeria to completely collapse before moving out. We will walk out and let the HausaFulani and Yoruba enjoy their lovely Nigeria.

Support Biafra. Support IPOB.

I am the bearer of truth and I bring life!



This is how it plays out

Atiku in USA

Atiku Welcome Back from US

Shameless generation who will never ever make good out of their miserable lives. 

Atiku became a hero for visiting USA.

An 8years corrupt Vice president, whose accomplice has since been jailed for 5years in USA, has become their hero for visiting USA. 

Four years ago, an illiterate Buhari, a coupist was dusted and presented to them and they embraced him. Today it's Atiku. Next tomorrow I won't be surprise if they resurrect Abacha and project him for 2023.

Useless entities. He has already become their hero. With this heroic achievement, he can sleep and gallivant for the next four years. Sure, his trusted mumus will be hailing him, just like Buhari's idiots are still hailing him.

Animals of Nigeria! 

God, why am I still a Nigerian?



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