Tukur Tukur Tukur,
Mr Monkey Lookalike

Tukur Tukur Tukur,
Mr Monkey Lookalike

By Igbo Focus
7th March 2017

What I cannot get is each time there is a Biafran question, this monkey lookalike that called himself “General Tukur Buratai” always come out like Biafra has something to do with him or his army. At the moment Biafrans are all civilians, I know he derives joy in killing civilians but he should wait until Biafra forms own army, so for the time being, General Tukur Buratai your role is limited to the military barracks. And this is what Amnesty International is trying to hammer into that thick skull of yours but it still can’t be hammered in. Learn the basics: when there is a military rule, you police the people with the army. But when there is a civilian rule, you police the people with the police unless there is a need for military presents. In the UK, Australia, USA, France, etc., you don’t see the army patrolling the streets or policing the people because it is a civilian rule - soldiers are in their barracks.

What I cannot comprehend about Hausa/Fulani people is that they don’t really understand what they are doing yet they think they know more than any other Nigerian. And when it comes to the crunch they will always run to London or Britain to get or ask them to give them advice, and they will normally certainly always get a wrong advice.

For example; Britain will tell Hausa/Fulani not to break-up Nigeria while they themselves are braking up. They (Britain) broke up from the European Union; and now Scotland and Northern Ireland will be breaking away from Britain. Instead of 55 million British people, it will be reduced to 30 million people in Britain. Yet they want Nigeria to still remain 160 million forever.

This prompted the monkey lookalike General Tukur Buratai to say that “Biafra agitators; you won’t achieve your aim in my lifetime.” But by the way, who is this idiot in the first place who doesn’t know his role is limited to the military barracks. He has scattered military officers all over the place like as Nigeria at war with itself or like Nigeria is in military rule.

According to someone who knows him better has quoted that: “Tukur Buratai is a frustrated baboon and monkey because for a person to vomit such garbage from his useless mouth thinking he is making sense but bullshit. He is totally insane.”

The problem with Hausa/Fulani people is that they are quite happy to tell others what to do because what they are telling others to do are bullshit which they cannot take themselves. All we are asking them is quite simple, have your own country and rule yourselves the way you like - no they wouldn’t, they’re too afraid to do so. Yet they want to rule others.




Genl Tukur Buratai
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