Weeping for One Hopeless Entity Called Zoogaria

I weep so much for one hopeless entity called Zoogaria, that my sorrow is beyond my strength. Only few will understood and only few could feel the agony in the spirit. So many are ignorant. So many are blind and cannot see. So many can not understand.

Ungrateful people go home to your land leave us alone to rebuild ourselves by God's grace we will  match out among the greatest nations of the earth.

liberty is the right of all human. If a people are not wanted they should let go on their own. The problem with Nigeria is that Biafrans have good brains and can go faster than them. Is not our fault; that is how the God of heaven and earth had made us.

Nigeria you can do without us, then go home. Leave Biafrans alone.





We welcome all people in our land to live and find food for their families, to flourish and prosper with us.

We are Biafrans Count us out of Nigeria, you hate us. We are developers, what have you on our land? Nothing but we have developed your forest into cities and supply you good in every nook and cranny to make life live-able for you, desert dwellers, as our candid contributions to nation building; we turn you to one of the richest nations on the earth, which you made to sink into your individual accounts.

Time is not there to talk about your wickedness against us as a people. You have eyes but you don't use it to see. Today it is finished, 100 is over.





Weeping for One Hopeless Entity Called Zoogaria

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