What Does The "Ohanaeze Ndigbo" Stand For?

What Does The "Ohanaeze Ndigbo" Stand For?

By: Obulose Chidiebere N
For: Family Writers Press
11th August 2018

It has come to a point where we need to  clear some questions bothering on the "Ohanaeze Ndigbo". That is, what they stand for, whom they stand for and how they operate. Who are the "Ohanaeze Ndigbo"? In Igbo language, "Ohaneze" supposed to mean the entirety or the Igbos in general. The "Ohanaeze Ndigbo" should be the mouth piece of all Igbos generally. They pilot the affairs of the Igbos both home and abroad. Just as the Hausa/Fulanis have Northern Elder’s Forum and Yorubas have Afenifere as the general body representing the affairs of their people. For the "Ohanaeze Ndigbo", I think from the look of things and how they operate, they are not in any way representing anybody in Igbo land, instead they look after their pockets and the positions they will occupy in politics. The "Ohanaeze Ndigbo" from my research on how they operate and conduct their elections, is the political wing of the ruling party.

Yes, You may be wondering what I mean by that! The political party in power in  Igbo land gather to share the posts to different States in the South-East and each State nominates someone from their party to represent them, Or has anyone heard where the "Ohanezes" prepare for election and  call the general public (the Igbos) to vote, decide or to have the idea of what is happening?

Have you ever heard how the election is conducted, their rules and regulation, the criteria  for the election, election tenure? Have you ever heard that




"Ohanaeze Ndigbo" seeks the opinion of the Igbos on any issue concerning the people in general? If one takes a critical look at the Northern Elders Forum, and Afenifere you see a well structured forums, controlling the entire (Hausa/Fulani) North and West respectively, defending the interest of their people.

So for the "Ohanaezes" to come to the public to assert that the Igbo politicians  interfere in their affairs is laughable because they have never meant well for their people. All they care for is what goes into their pockets. The "Ohaneze Ndigbo" are just opportunist who utilize every given opportunity to enslave the Igbos.

The questions one may ask after reading this, is, of what use has "Ohaneze" been to the Igbos since their emergence? How has the "Ohaneze" represented the interest of the Igbo people or Biafrans so to say?

For me I think what SARS is to the Nigerian Police is what the "Ohaneze" is to the Igbos. What the Fulani Herdsman is to the North, is what the "Ohaneze" is to Biafrans.

Fellow Biafrans, I think it is high time we proscribed the "Ohaneze" and their activities, before these  men render us useless!




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