What Is Behind The Wisdom Of Our Leader Nnamdi Kanu

My fellow biafrans, I have been thinking right from the 19th of October over what could be,behind the wisdom of our leader but I got the answer this morning which says “it is his time and nobody can stop him"

Our leader declared during his court case that he's a Jew which made justice bingo nyako to request for a Jewish surety to stand for Nnamdi kanu.

I don't know but I believe our leader knows that once he get israel behind him,all other world powers will follow and if you are in doubt,go and check “times of israel"newspaper.

With this development of Israeli news carrying the appearance of our leader in jerusalem,U.S.A will be the next to Stand behind our leader and biafra because Donald J trump will definitely support israel in anything.

We all remembered that after operation python dance two,Israeli came up with law that defends any body who believes in Judaism or



What Is Behind The Wisdom Of Our Leader Nnamdi Kanu

have jewish affinity or is a Jew by ancestry and our leader Nnamdi kanu based on his wisdom knew that Only Israel can protect him because of his believe in Judaism.

Daddy Nnamdi kanu knew that he's not safe anywhere in the world except Israel because he may decide to appear in UK or any other place in the world and he will be killed.

Britain and Nigeria government are so desperate to eliminate him because he's a threat to Britain and Nigeria,so him appearing in the city of David is safe for him and at the same will create problem between Nigeria government and Israeli government.

Our leader is so wise to the core,infact over wisdom is worrying him.

Nnamdi Kanu shall and must lead us to the promised land.isee

Nnamdi Kanu in Jerusalem
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