What is  Disgrace?

Disgrace is...

 His Royal Majesty, the uku akpolo kpolo - the greatest of the greats; king of kings and kingdoms - having to receive his staff of office, the symbol of his sovereignty and authority...from a sweat hound and electoral bandit called a state governor.

Nigeria is the most ribald British joke

                -         -        -

Disgrace is an assumed elite national security unit taking time to plot a "sting operation" against alleged criminals - sting operation being the operative term for the sudden and surreptitiously strategic raid on high flight risk felons with big probability of arresting them in the process of commission of the suspected crime...and then releasing said suspects hours later on "self recognition".

The Nigerian government and the security agencies said government creates is a stock embarrassment to commonsense.

                   -      -      -

Disgrace is one of the highest officers of a national Judiciary, a justice of the Supreme Court of a sovereign country...not feeling sufficiently diminished at the idea of being offered a bribe to pervert electoral processes in said country, so that he sees to it come hail and Highwater that said briber is exposed, disgraced and prosecuted for the act of attempting to corrupt a judge and subvert due justice.

                    -      -      -

Disgrace is said judge crying wolf only after being accused and humiliated by jackboots, and not seeing how his admission is actually grounds for suspicion and possible indictment.

I mean...what was the impetus behind said bribe, if not some confidence in it's execution?

The Nigerian Judiciary is a ludicrous quota system offence.

                     -      -      -

Disgrace is the first lady of a country in the first throes of an economic recession, and whose husband is demanding austerity and patronage of local goods of all citizens of said country... attending an international event in foreign attire costing no less than N2,000,000..in a country where minimum wage is N18,000.

Disgrace is her husband and his enablers not seeing how they are essentially and effectively vaudeville clowns devoid of the honourable venture of shame and the intellectual rigour called (a sense of) irony.

                         -      -      -

Disgrace is the wife of the president not being bothered enough to know the actual theme and title of said international conference she is supposedly attending, so that she gives a vague, offhand motive for her junket before jetting out.

                      -      -      -

Disgrace is attending a summit aimed at African women in a European country.

                    -      -      -

Disgrace is Temidayo Ahanmisi having to share common nationality with citizens who go apoplectic at the sight of an adult female person shaking hands with an adult male person at an international conference...in 2016.

                    -      -      -

I am sufficiently disgraced. I did nothing to have been born a citizen of this Joke.

I  am only now waiting to die.

Thank you. - Temidayo Ahanmisi

And I add: Disgrace is Aisha Buhari going to talk in defense of women in faraway Brussels and ignoring the burning issue of the 14yr old Christian girl kidnapped into marriage by an Emir.





Nigeria is a British Joke
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