When The Nigerian President Went Visiting The Queen in London?

Once upon a time, a Nigerian president went visiting the Queen of England and referred to his countrymen as lazy. That we feel entitled and we feel the government ought to do everything for us. That we don't work since we felt the country was rich! The Foreign Queen and her Prime Minister nodded sagely and patted him on the back as if they meant "Good boy; tell'em lazy bums the truth"! 

On hearing this, many Nigerians were livid with anger...Oh, Mr. President, we agree with you we don't work! But we ain't lazy! As usual, a most clueless National Assembly and the more clueless State Governments never said a single thing! That's typical of Nigeria; we don't interrogate, we simply sweep stuff under the carpet and move on to the next piece of Nothing! 

Dear Mr. President, where's the work? How dare you accuse us all of been lazy and not work when there's next to nothing to do? Who's employing? Where are the firms? We could hardly find work but with the advent of your administration, you made policies that simply killed off the few companies there were then turned around to accuse us of not working? 10 million jobs lost in the past three and a half years and you call us lazy? 10 million of our countrymen were working and taking care of their families before you came on board and took away their employment, then turned around to accuse them of being unemployed? What shall we accuse you of, Sir? 

My Dear Readers, the official unemployment figure is 20%! That's the official figure. The unofficial figure is closer to 50%! In the next edition, we shall discuss how the Nigerian 1999 Constitution generates unemployment!



When The Nigerian President Went Visiting The Queen in London?

Buhari and The Queen

Yes, you heard me right; the 1999 Constitution is preventing at least 30 million vacancies! We've got riglected officials for two decades of the practice of a pseudo democracy but none has deemed it fit to understand the nexus between unemployment and the 1999 Constitution. We are gonna lay it bare this time.

Common sense says that the government oughta be worried about the debilitating unemployment across the country that makes people so miserable, flee across the desert to certain death and slavery. While the officials feed fat! Those left behind are hounded daily by the police and other government goons. The government doesn't give a damn! Then we troop out to hail them into another four years of validating that same document that is causing so much misery? Haba! That doesn't exactly seem like too smart to me! 

We ought to be protesting daily that the criminal Constitution must be set aside...but we don't! We clap for it daily and wish away the problems wrought from it hoping for a new Messiah? Ridiculous! 

Nigeria must #restructureOrBurst else, when people become so poor and too hungry with nothing to eat, they would be left with no choice but to start eating the rich. Common sense!!!

Baron Roy

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What are we waiting for? Isn’t it very obvious even to the daftest that the contraption called Nigeria is a failed state by every definition and every parameter? Is this what a country of 186 million people supposed to be? Should we continue to sustain a country that is unsustainable?